Apple fanboys love the iPhone clone with Android shown as “iOS 9?

Pranksters load Android onto an iPhone clone, try to sell off as “iOS 9” to Apple fans

With iOS 9 just a month or so away, the tug of war between iOS and Android has started heating up. So what happens when you put Android on a smartphone that looks to a great degree looks like an iPhone 6 or 6s and sell it off as the next iOS 9?

Maybe, those who are in technology would be able to point out the difference between iOS and Android immediately. However, many people out there do not pay attention to all these things and buy iPhones purely on the basis of Apple’s brand power. Well, there is nothing wrong with this, as Apple is a strong brand for a good reason.

So, would the switch in the mobile operating system from iOS to Android matter to Apple fans. Well, maybe not. The video below proves that they will love it just the same way it loved iOS.

Dutch pair Alexander Spoor and Sacha Harland from the YouTube channel Dit Is Normal who claimed to have loaded Android onto an iPhone 6, took to the streets to try to convince people it was a real iPhone running soon-to-be-released iOS 9. Surprisingly, many of their targets took the bait.

The YouTube video shows iPhone loyalists and even some Android fans who readily acknowledged and praised software presented to them as the future of iOS, despite the fact it features notable Android features like the Google search widget, a moveable miniplayer widget and three-button action bar.

A self-proclaimed “Samsung fanboy” could not apparently recognize Android loaded onto an iPhone clone. The Samsung fanboy even confessed that he thought “iOS 9? looked better than Android; however, he said that he would still be loyal to his favorite brand regardless. At the same time, some said that the features are more practical, while one target said that it had fallen in love with the reboot option.

The biggest hint that the phone is still running on iOS is the info bar across the top of the screen that shows the battery status, network connectivity and time. The system text and notification bubbles are off too. It’s unclear from the video (they just say “Android”), but their phone seems to be running a tweak package (likely Andrios), that can modify parts of a jailbroken iPhone to appear and act more like Android.

Spoor told to Business Insider that it took “a lot of hacking” to make their phone look as if they were running on Android. “It took a lot of jailbreaking and tweaking to make the resemblance uncanny,” he said.

Check out the whole video below and try to find out the difference.

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