Fappening may follow as Ashley Madison hackers claim to have millions of nude pics

Ashley Madison Hackers : We have millions of users NSFW images

The Ashley Madison hacking has finally boiled down to the nude leaks stored on their servers which the hackers claim to have access to. We have repeatedly said that the financial and personal information leaked so far by the hackers was a front for what is more to come. The meat of the database stolen by the Impact Team contains a treasure chest of intimate images which the Ashley Madison adulterers may have sent to each other.

It looks like we were right. The Impact Team claimed in an Interview to Vice that they have 300GB of other data taken from Avid Life Media, Ashley Madison’s parent company.

A lot of that consists of “tens of thousands of user pictures,” Impact Team says. A third of those are “NSFW pictures,” Impact Team says, but it won’t release those.

The rest of that miscellaneous data includes employee e-mails and documents, but it won’t release those either (at least not below the executive level), Impact Team says.

In the meantime, the hackers published the third tranche of the Ashley Madison booty on the dark web.

Ashley Madison Hackers : We have millions of users NSFW images
Third round: A third wave of documents has now been revealed by the Impact Team. It comes after a 9.7GB and 20GB leak earlier this week

Impact Team in an interview with Motherboard said that that it staged this attack because it didn’t like how Avid Life Media, the site’s parent company, treated its members.

“Avid Life Media is like a drug dealer abusing addicts,” says Impact Team.

Ashley Madison Hackers : We have millions of users NSFW images
The Ashley Madison membership countrywise heat map

So far, this week, The Impact Team has released three major data dumps of Ashley Madison data, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. The Impact Team has said that they still have 300GB of other data which contains nude intimate images and videos shared by Ashley Madison users with their partners. We may assume that the Ashley Madison leak frenzy would continue for a long time through August and September.

More leaks are awaited today.



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