Google releases a new music video that teases possible names for Android M

‘What M Gonna Be’ teases Google about Android M’s name

Ever since since it was previewed at Google I/O in late May, Android M has been in the Developer Preview stage since then and without an official name. It still continues to referred to by its codename Android “M” which could mean anything.

However, one thing is for sure, taking into consideration Google’s strong liking for naming their operating system after a candy or dessert, there are many possibilities for what Android M will eventually stand for. Each one comes with a new dessert-themed name for it. For instance, Android 2.2 was Froyo, Android 4.0 was Ice Cream Sandwich, and Android 5.0 was Lollipop.

Google is majorly teasing Android M, with a new video posted to YouTube on Friday. Created and performed by Google employees Nat and Lo, the video was set up in the Android garden at Google’s headquarters, where lawn statues of the current Android mascots reside, a jingle plays, suggesting names for Android M.

It then goes on to list various possible names for Android M (including Marshmallows, Milkshake, Muffin, Maple Syrup, Marzipan, Macaroon, M&M, Moon Pie, and so on), finally asking: “what’s M gonna be?”

The video ends with a scene of a man spray painting the bottom half of an Android statue white instead of the usual Android green color. This has lead many to speculate that Android M is indeed going to be Android Marshmallow. This happened last year with the current version of Android, which is now Lollipop.

It could be that the developers are using Marshmallow as the internal codename to keep the real name of Android M as a secret. We will have to wait and watch. In the meanwhile, there is no confirmation from Google as to when they will be publicly releasing Android M; however, it is likely it will be released this October or November when the new Nexus devices are announced.

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