Google launches OnHub WiFi Router with speed of 1900Mbps

Google is making foray in the uncharted world of Wi-Fi routers aiming to provide better and faster Internet connection as well as to give more people access to its digital services.

Google has already entered into the field of providing high speed broadband with Google Fiber so it makes a lot of sense to get into the accessories business. OnHub Wi-Fi router is a part of that mega plan of the Google world. Working in collaboration with networking manufacturer, TP-Link, Google today unveiled OnHub a cylinder shaped Wi-Fi router and smart home hub. OnHub contains 13 WiFi antennas and runs on a a 1.4 gigahertz dual core processor. Google claims that OnHub can achieve speeds of up to 1900 megabits per second.

“Imagine the living room of the future,” said Trond Wuellner, Google OnHub product manager. “The connected home, where technology makes it easy to do all the things you want to do. For the connected home to be a reality, you really need Wi-Fi to work extremely well.”

OnHub resembles a high-end speaker and will sit nicely in a bookcase where, Wuellner said, it is in the best position to provide a good signal to devices. Also due to its cylindrical shape, it prevents people from putting it in any orientation but the proper one. OnHub has a glowing halo which indicates its switched on, when it’s flashes blue, the router is in configuration mode. Once the light turns into solid teal, it’s ready to go.

OnHub is open for pre-orders starting Tuesday at $199 (€180/Rs.13000) and will be available on Google’s online store, and The device will be sold in physical stores in the U.S. and Canada in late August or early September.