OnePlus 3 or OnePlus 2 Mini? OnePlus to release new smartphone this Christmas

OnePlus to release its next smartphone this Christmas; What features will next OnePlus device have?

OnePlus has confirmed the launch of its “next device” which is expected to be around Christmas.

Definitely, this brings a lot of rumors and speculations regarding the features and specifications and users would be curious to know what next OnePlus would be? Will it be OnePlus 3 or OnePlus 2 mini or will it be a smartwatch? What features will the next OnePlus device have?

Here are some suggestions which we feel would be incorporated in the next OnePlus device. In the below comments section, users can add their thoughts regarding the features and specifications which they feel ought to be there in the next OnePlus device, supposing it is a smartphone.

Would it be OnePlus 2 mini?

Could it be possible that OnePlus is planning to launch a OnePlus 2 mini! Some experts from this field do believe that by end of this year OnePlus would be launching a smaller version of OnePlus 2 which would have a 5 inch display.

Would it be a high build quality phone which could be a mid ranger?

OnePlus has already launched its ‘flagship killer smartphone- OnePlus 2’ which specifically aims the mid range customers. Considering its specifications, OnePlus 2 is a low cost phone and now to launch OP2 <ini is definitely risky and could affect the sales of OnePlus 2.

On the other hand, OnePlus might launch a device which would more likely give a competition to Oppo R5, Oppo R7, iPhone 6 and Vivo X5Pro. Thus we can conclude that OnePlus would launch a mid range phone along with mid range hardware which will have a high build quality. It also seems that the phone might not be low in price but OnePlus will surely focus on features such as its design, camera and audio.

Will the next OnePlus device have Qualcomm or MediaTek processor?

MediaTek has introduced the P series chips for its Helio group. P10 is a slim, 8 core processor and this new chip will not make the handset expensive. The Taiwanese chip maker is almost ready to release the source code; however the next OnePlus device will not have a MediaTek processor.

OnePlus is in partnership with Qualcomm and hence experts believe the next OnePlus device will have a Qualcomm processor that means it will be a Snapdragon 615 V2 chipset again. The most important drawback of this chipset is its delayed response and overheating problem.


Near Field Communications aka NFC is short range, low power wireless RFID technology which helps to transfer smaller amount of data between two devices which are placed within few centimeters. Basically, NFC can identify an user and their bank account to any computer. However, OnePlus seems to have made a firm decision of not using NFC in their devices because the company feels it is not an essential factor to be provided in the device. Thus OnePlus will not ship the phone with NFC.

However, there are rumors regarding Google will be rolling out its mobile payment service, Google Pay soon. If this happens then the unwanted NFC may actually become the most necessary feature for any Android smartphone.

In such a scenario if a smartphone is not equipped with NFC then it might lose its customer and financial revenue. Taking all these factors into consideration it looks as if the next OnePlus device would include NFC or rather should include it.

A smaller 5 inch display:

OnePlus fans have been demanding for a smaller phone and hence it seems the next device by OnePlus would certainly be smaller and have a 5.2 inch or 5 inch display.

Fingerprint Scanner:

OnePlus had already declared it would include the fingerprint scanner in its OnePlus 2. Let us understand a bit more about this feature. Similar to Galaxy S6, the fingerprint can be found in a new physical home button that can be found below the screen and as per OnePlus, this can help users to unlock their phone in a matter of mere 0.5 seconds, which is pretty fast when compared to the iPhone. Also the fingerprint scanner supports up to five prints.

So definitely OnePlus would include the fingerprint scanner and physical home button in their next launch.

Alert Slider :

A new feature has been introduced in OnePlus 2 device and this is known as Alert Slider, this feature is related to notifications. It provides users with the 3 options to either disable all the notifications or allow notifications only from known priority contacts or allow notifications from all contacts. It seems OnePlus would check for the reaction from their users and if they get a positive response they might incorporate this feature in the upcoming launch.


For now OnePlus has provided users of OnePlus One with SandStone and for its OnePlus 2 users have got the added StyleSwaps which gives a new look to the device.

OnePlus has made it a point to use strong and exceptionally light weight material in the making of OnePlus 2. Besides the outer frame has been build by using an alloy of aluminium and magnesium which is flexible. The phone also has been provided with stainless steel accents and Gorilla Glass thus OnePlus ensures that their users are always touching the premium materials.

On the similar lines we can predict that the next OnePlus device too would use Glass and alloy materials. Or it could be possible that OnePlus might even focus on its design and bring out a device made out of liquidmetal material which would give it a smooth finish and make it more sturdy. Some experts also believe that OnePlus might incorporate 2.5 D glass panels to give a rounded alloy chassis or just imagine a smartphone with Sapphire glass look!


Experts believe that the next OnePlus would be more of a fashion device and focus on its design than specs. Already the OnePlus 2 has provided users with 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera. So the next device might have their front camera in the range of 8+ MP and rear camera too can go beyond 13 MP ! So definitely, this device would give a tough fight to the flagship phones like iPhone which has a 8MP rear camera

Already OnePlus has started using the OmniVision  for their cameras and it is indeed a good thing because the latest OV sensors are really awesome.

Other features:

The next OnePlus device might focus on beautification aspects for its front and rear cameras, USB Type C has already been provided in OnePlus 2 which the company might continue for its next products. Audio chips and quality speakers could also be incorporated in the next OnePlus. Also company might again provide 3G and 4G RAM variants. OnePlus 2 has been given 2 Dual SIM slots and there is no SD slot, so in the next device OnePlus might think of adding a SD slot and probably give a single SIM slot.

Invite only option to buy the phone:

Probably, this next OnePlus device would be aimed at partners of the current users of OnePlus devices. That could be one reason as to why OnePlus has chosen Christmas to launch their product so that it would make a perfect gift which can be given to wives, girlfriends, family members.

In this case OnePlus might not stick to its “Invite Only” option for buying the phone. However, you never know the company might still wish to stick to its controversial system of “Invite Only”option. What say?

These are some of the predictions for the next OnePlus device which would be launched later this year. Let us see how many of these predictions come true. Anyways in the next 5 months things will be pretty clear.

Readers, what do you think about these predictions, what else can OnePlus incorporate in the next device. Just for fun, let us speculate, you never know it might be the case that authorities at OnePlus might actually like the idea and provide a smartphone as per our wish!

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