Sony Launch TV Remote with embedded speaker in Japanese markets

The Japan based electronic company SONY has planned to stay true to its motto word BE MOVED. A device will soon be made available by Sony in the Japanese market that will enable user to listen the audio of its TV over a certain range, a TV remote with built in speakers.

Sony’s TV Remote with an Embedded Speaker will allow the user to control his/her TV while the remote while playing the audio content. It will be convenient for people to listen music or other audio while working away from their TV.  This Sony gadget will have 16 Hours of Battery Backup to ensure interruption free entertainment.But above all it will be facing tough competetion as this is the time when Set Top Boxes are capable of Pausing Live TV and Recording. The  main reason is expected price of around 160$ for this remote, so definitely no one will be preferring it over much cheaper Set Top Box.

Features include a headphone jack, large volume knob, auto power-off, drip resistance, minimal sound delay and 16-hours of battery life. It’s also “useful when it is difficult to hear in conjunction with the family,” according to the translated Sony ad. The remote will be available only in Japan (next month) for 19,880 yen ($160).


Sony says that this device is particularly useful when there’s a lot of noise going around in your apartment. Instead of having to crank up the volume, you can put the speaker right next to you.

It will be interesting to see how this “unique” product fares in the market. Will it be dumped into the back shelves or will it prove as innovative as Walkman was.


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