This video explains what is Dark Matter and Dark Energy

What we can see is mere 5% of Universe, the remaining 95% is made up of Dark Matter and Dark Energy!

It just took few centuries of persistent scientific research, observation and experimentation for humans to learn the details of complex mechanism of DNA replication right till the composition of Pluto’s surface.

However, when it comes to understanding the universe, humans are lagging behind!

According to physicists, more than 80% of the Universe is made up of “dark stuff”.

Surprisingly, the matter which we can see such as the stars, galaxies, trees, plants and all the things which is perceptible and surrounds us makes only 5 percent of the known Universe!

This indicates that the unknown stuff is around 95%. Physicists believe that out of this 95%, 25% makes up the Dark Matter while 70% makes the Dark Energy and both of them is invisible!

Sadly though, till date we humans have not been able to understand the mystery of this ‘Dark Matter and Dark Energy’.

The attached video, by German design studio Kurzgesagtt tries to explain the much discussed dark matter and dark energy.

It is pretty scary to understand that the universe which is perceptible to us is just 5%, that means what we see and experience is minuscule fraction and we are not aware of what is happening in the maximum chunk or the dark stuff.

As of now, humans are not even aware of what this dark matter and dark energy is actually made up of, rather we just need to accept it as dark stuff and keep moving and searching for better answer.

The concept of dark matter and dark energy was coined when scientists were actually trying to figure out the formation of our Universe. During their expedition, scientists concluded that the total gravitational pull and complex structures cannot be held in place only with the 5% matter which can be seen, simply because this 5% is not enough to provide the required gravitational pull.

On the contrary scientists believe that there has to be some additional material which is helping to keep the things in proper place in the entire universe. So in other words, it again proves that ‘only normal perceivable matter’ cannot make this universe and there definitely exists some ‘invisible matter’ which is playing a major role in all this.

Cosmic footprint of Dark Matter and Dark Energy:

Actually, every individual galaxy spins around its axis and the outer edge of any galaxy is made up of stars which moves at a much faster rate. The entire unit seems to be sort of a weight swinging on a string. When astronomers were studying the galaxies, they found that the speed of the periphery stars is quite fast when compared to the speed of the host galaxies. In absence of some force, these stars would simply shoot off into space; however the stars are still attached to the galaxy. This indicated that there has to be some invisible matter which is binding the stars and providing that additional support due to which these periphery stars are still a part of the host galaxy. Astronomers concluded that there has to be some dark matter and dark energy which is not visible to telescopes but it does exist.

Thus the existence of dark matter can be seen from this cosmic footprint which it leaves and astronomers have witnessed many such footprints in the cosmos but have “never seen” the actual ‘dark stuff’. This is making astronomers and physicists to learn more about the dark stuff and the expedition is going on for last 30 years.

Well, we can thus conclude that any sort of normal visible matter is definitely surrounded by some invisible matter; it is ‘invisible’ because this matter  neither absorbs nor reflects light due to which it cannot be seen. However, this dark stuff can interact with gravity as well as bend light thus indicating that we cannot see it but can feel its presence whenever it gets accumulated in huge amounts.

We this conclude that ‘dark matter and dark energy’ does exist and it can interact with gravity as well and it comprises of the maximum chunk of the entire universe.

Check out the video for a better understanding of this mysterious Dark matter and Dark energy in approximately six minutes. If someone wants to learn more about the dark stuff then they can surely listen to the video where Lawrence Krauss explains “how the Universe came from nothing and how it will return back to nothing”.

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