Valve’s $18 million Dota 2 world tournament, The International taken down by hackers

The International, Dota 2 World Tournament taken down bang in the middle of second day by a DDoS attack

Hackers brought down the world championships for mega-popular online game Dota 2 called The International which has a $US18 million prize money, through a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The hugely popular world tournament which is organised by developer of Valve Software, was brought to a crashing halt in the middle of its very first round of the second day.

PC World reports that just when things started to heat up in match one of the best-of-three competition between Evil Geniuses and compLexity Gaming, the game was suddenly struck by lag and paused soon thereafter. The DDoS attack, which was confirmed by a Dota 2 analyst on the official The International Livestream, held up the games for around a hour.

Analysts stated that since the Dota 2 matches at The International are played via the public Internet, not a local network, the tournament was prone to an outside attack.

Though PC World has stated that The International has commenced, the LiveStream still shows only the wallpaper of the tournament.

When gameplay was paused due to the DDoS attack, Dota 2 teams Evil Geniuses and compLexity Gaming were just starting their match.


    • DotA is very popular, so much that the amount of the prize pool rose to $18 Million. Usually, less superior things try to bring down the more superior things. LoL fans were probably jealous, and decided to do this, i.e. less superior tries to bring down the more superior.
      Therefore, LoL may be better than DotA, but DotA 2 is better than LoL. Case closed.

      • Dota2 and Lol cant be compared cause both are a way different from each others except the MOBA gaming thing…. Dota 2 is different thing and LOL is different … i play both 😉 I like both …..

        • Both Are Shit… LoL = Toxic Community Always Complaining That Dota Copied LoL (Which Was Originaly Guinsoo Was Appart Of Icefrog (Dota 1) And Made LoL With Riot) , Dota 2 = Racist Community, People Always Flaming Each Other Because Of Their Race. (Asian, European, American. Especially On SEA Servers)


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