Windows 10 Face Recognition tool cannot be easily fooled by identical twins

Not even identical twins can trick Windows 10 Face Recognition tool, Windows Hello

Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10 allows you to use face detection as your login password for access control. The company claims that the new OS offers strong security that even your identical twin cannot fool it to be able to break in the facial recognition tool – Windows Hello.

The informal test was conducted by The Australian, where sets of identical twins tried fooling Windows to provide access to the computer.

It seems you can easily trick the Windows 10’s face detection feature, as it wasn’t even fooled once. Six sets of identical twins were part of the experiment and in each case, the procedure was the same. One of the twins would register for the face recognition and set up the account and the other would test it the next time to log into the device.

It did have problems logging only in one instance with both the twins wherein one was not registered otherwise only those who had set up face detection in the first place were allowed to access the computer. It failed only in one case when it was able to identify the youngest twins Abby and Libby Sukkel, for others it showed errors.

It is worthy mentioning here that a Lenovo Yoga 3 14 was used in this test which has a very nice and sophisticated depth-sensing camera along with a limited with a small sample of people. Hence, the results may differ on other host PCs with slightly less smart cameras.

Windows 10 could certainly be the future of login safety putting an end to passwords. So, if the Australian testing is anything that one has to go by, you can be rest assured that neither your evil twin or doppelganger could unlock your PC using Windows Hello in your absence.

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