Superlogout : a website you can use to instantly logout of all active online accounts

If you visit a Internet Cafe for surfing, use public Wi-Fi or have this odd habit of logging out of all online accounts at the end of each day. We bring to you a website called Superlogout.

Superlogout which can be visited here (be warned you get logged out instantly from all online accounts)  is a great tool for people who surf the Internet using public Wi-Fi or Internet Cafes.

As soon as you visit Superlogout, it will automatically get to work logging you out of a few dozen major services including Amazon, Google, Netflix, Steam, Tumblr, and YouTube. Once you’re logged out, the site will display a green “OK” next to each service.

For some reasons the developer of Superlogout hasnt included Facebook, but it’s a quick way to log out of many sites at once.