Hacker creates France’s rudest road sign as a protest

A self confessed bored hacker hacked and defaced a electronic parking sign on a busy street at Boulevard Louis XVI in the city of Lille. The French hacker who operates under the Twitter handle of @ Ivoidwarrantie said that he had hacked the electronic parking sign with a vulgar poem to protest against the acquittal of Dominique Strauss-Kahn on pimping charges, right under the noses of the Gendarmerie Nationale.

@ Ivoidwarrantie defaced the electronic parking sign so that instead of the usual information about the number of free spaces in the city’s public car parks, the sign contained the words “bite” (d**k), “couille” (ball, or te***le), chatte (p***y), and cul (a**e).

The Register has reported that he hacked the parking sign after a French court found that Strauss-Kahn, as head of the International Monetary Fund, neither instigated nor presided over the group-sex sessions he attended with friends.

After the hack became public, @ Ivoidwarrantie tweeted a reply to those who asked him why he hacked the sign,

Twitter’s native Bing translation throws up following : “Many wonder with what I made this Hack, here’s the answer:”

The hacker sounded unapologetic about his not so proper deed, “No children were shocked to death…and no car drivers were troubled,” he said. But he did have one last tongue-in-cheek comment about his prank. “Now if anyone asks where their car is, you can really say it’s ‘dans ton cul’