Tutorial for installing and running Kali Linux on Android smartphones and tablets

Kali Linux is one of the best-loved operating systems of white hat hackers, security researchers and pentesters.

It offers an advanced penetration testing tool and its ease of use means that it should be a part of every security professional’s toolbox.

Penetration testing involves using a variety of tools and techniques to test the limits of security policies and procedures. Nowadays more and more apps are available on the Android operating system for smartphones and tablets so it becomes worthwhile to have Kali Linux on your smartphone as well.

Kali Linux on Android smartphones and tablets allows researchers and pentesters to perform ” security checks” on things like cracking WEP Wi-Fi passwords, finding vulnerabilities/bugs or cracking security on websites.  This opens the door to doing this from a mobile device such as a phone or a tablet.

You can also install Kali Linux Distribution in your
Android smartphone by following the instructions below  :

(Rooted Android smartphone/tablet required for this installation)

Keep the following thing ready for the installation :

  • Fully charged Android Phone
  • Good Internet Connection(For Download Kali Linux images)
  • Root Permission (Rooting Guide for Every Phone)
  • At least 5GB  Free Space

Step 1. Download Linux Deploy App in Your Android Mobile from Google Play Store.

Tutorial for installing and running Kali Linux on Android smartphones and tablets
Developer: meefik

Price: Free

Step 2. Install and open Linux Deploy App in your mobile and click on download Icon.
Tutorial for installing and running Kali Linux on Android smartphones and tablets
Step 3. Change the Distribution of Your Linux to Kali Linux.
How to Install and run Kali Linux on any Android Smartphone
Step 4.  Go to Top of the screen and hit the Install button. This will take about 5 minutes provided you have a good Internet connection.
How to Install and run Kali Linux on any Android Smartphone
Step 5. Download the Android VNC Viewer App from Google Play Store.

Tutorial for installing and running Kali Linux on Android smartphones and tablets

Developer: RealVNC Limited

Price: Free


Step 6. After installing, enter below settings in your VNC Android App.

How to Install and run Kali Linux on any Android Smartphone

Step 7. Click the Connect Button in VNC Viewer App.

Now you are done and you will be able to run Kali Linux in your Android smartphone or tablet. Check the video tutorial below for a step by step procedure:


  1. My installation is on a loop of failure when it is trying to download the Packages. It keeps showing that the download failed and that it is retrieving, validating and then retrying the failed download. What can I do from here?

  2. Can we use simultaneously Android and Linux on same smartphone? Second thing is can i know where can we install Android from on smartphone or its steps? Thanks BTW nice info.

  3. I have successfully installed Kali on my phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5839i w/out sim card) but when I try to start Kali in LinuxDeploy, SSH and VNC everytime fail to init, wtf?

  4. Hello sir I’m try to install Kali Linux it is
    install for long time it is struck on install it is not install sir please help me ,actualy i am using 2G connection .
    Thanks sir

  5. I am not able to install kali linux on android it says
    “Updating configuration file….done
    /data/data/ru.meefik.linuxdeploy/linux/bin/linuxdeploy : 1989 grep:Permission denied
    ash: bad number
    This container is already mounted

    Plzz help

  6. A VNC connection to a Kali Linux install is not the same thing as a local installation. I am interested in an ARM compilation of Kali installed as boot OS on an android device. Anyone have success with that?

  7. I installed Kali Linux and am able eto successfully run it
    but the problem is when I try to download the Kali tools the download speed is very poor which is at the rate 7or 8 kbps
    how to improve the speed
    my wifi bandwidth is good

      • you talk bullshit man!! nethunter supports any device, just some work needed to port it 😉 this process became even easier since 3.0 …. do your homework before trashing around. theres nothing to add. nethunter is the way to go if you want a fullfledged WORKING kali on your phone….

        • You are right that nethunter is the way to go but wrong in saying other phones are supported. If it must be ported then by the very nature of porting it is not supported. It will be when someone has ported it to the particular phone and offsec has announced it as supported. Until then you are simply hacking the wrong version to possibly work. Now dont you look silly bitching at that guys legitimate comment.

  8. I have done it but my Aquaris e4.5 says : The port on which the computer is listening for a connection could not be contacted>
    So 1) What can I do now?
    2) How can I remove Kali linux from my device?
    \Please help me

  9. Great and informative step by step process thanks for share with us but please if You have any way by which i can install kali linux on my non rooted phone please share it with me,i will thankfull to you.

  10. I already installed kali linux img file using complete linux installer. How can I run it in linux deploy? Can you please tell me because the tutorial here is for downloading the img file using linux deploy, but I already have the img file.

  11. i install it on my tablet but the system applications are not running..
    internet is also not working..wifi not working…and most important terminal is also not working…
    help me please…

  12. sure internet (within kali) isnt working, thats the bad of using linux deploy! it uses internet connection to vnc or ssh into kali which makes all the stuff pretty much obsolete. you may circumvent the issue if you´re going to use Gx/LTE connection to connect and apply a NIC to your device via OTG/YOTG cable. anyways i found this all to be veeeeeeery bad options. dunno why all you guys with samsung and nexus devices dont flash nethunter, its way superiour to this way shown here. everythings working as it should and since few weeks nethunter upgraded to 3.0 and you´re free to port it to any device!! porting process became more easy, if you dont have the feeling being ble to port to your device yourself have a look around at XDA and Github. there are dozens of ports to othert devices…. i have no clue why terminal shouldnt work though. i only once installed using deploy, it way sucks and isnt much of a fun…. better ditch it 🙂

  13. I managed to install and run the entire thing.
    But when i enter through the VSH i have a black screen on the left and a white screen on the right where i can insert the commands.
    I did apt-get update and got the entire package,i can insert commands,but i dont have a desktop,just a black screen and a white screen.

    What do?

  14. Mi galaxy s5 ya tiene kali linux en linux deploy, pero tengo un gran problema al tratar de poner mi targeta de red en modo monitor, no aparece driver de chipset compatible para esta funcion q creo es la mas importante para hacer un escaneo de redes. Alguien tiene la soluciona esto, Ayuda por favor!!

  15. VNC viewer can’t be connected to kali……. it shows ” The port on which computer is listening for the connection could not be contacted”… Plzz help me to solve that issue…. as soon as possible ?

  16. Hello.im appreciate your tutorial but in my country is little difficult to gain internet acces.i have kali linux 1.10a i386 iso and work fine on my pc.is there anyway i can skip the download step? Is yes how?Im using asus zenfone Z00ED rooted and more than 8gb free internal.reply pls

  17. For those who have problems on SSH and VNC fail
    Try this its work on me…

    Download kalilinux full.img or kailinux basic.img extract it rename it into linux.img and the other linux.img.md5…. and save it to sdcard… add folder name kali and save the extract linux.img and linux.img.md5

    Go to linux deploy edit your settings…
    Note: to INSTALLITION PATH should be edit to /sdcard/kali/linux.img (depends on your storage name location)
    And hit the RECONFIGURE BUTTON and wait ……….

    It will patch and load linux.img
    Then if you see <<<configuration
    dont mind if your SSH and VNC skip just hit start….
    After installation you will see SSH and VNC done…
    And you may go now to your VNC ANDROID APPS…

    Hope its your on you…

  18. It gets to the point where it says waking file system (ext4)…fail. I’m so new to this what does this mean and how can I get around it?!? Pls anyone…

  19. All of you lames that cannot even troubleshoot a fucking VNC connection shouldn’t even THINK about touching Kali… Jesus Christ this is sad… To think… The future of security could be in the hands of these nUbz


  20. OK if any script kiddies need some help I can answer any questions. I just used this guide to walk someone through the process, I don’t understand why so many people are having issues this is a good method for noons who can’t script.

  21. Im done with installation using linux deploy,but while connecting with vnc it is showing ‘The port on which computer is listening for a connection could not becontacted’
    Anyone could solve…please

  22. VNC error is when you try to connect with localhost or but you are using WiFI with defferent IP! Just connect using IP showing in Linux Deploy! Nobody has told you that in this tutorial. They says, connect to localhost:5900 but that is not your ip, you have ip in Linux Deploy app e.g: []
    you can connact with VNC to localhost:5900 only when you connected to your regular DATA connecion over 3G/4G, EDGE or HSDPA, WCDMA etc. When you change your connection type, force stop linux deploy and start Linux Deploy again to allow new your new ip to show!

  23. Another tutorial thats lacking in instruction. My phone is rooted i have SU priviledges and i follow ur simple instructions and in the terminal it sends an outgoing deploy and an immediate incoming deploy. Are there any defaults that have to be modified in any way because its clearly not as simple as download,install and run :/

  24. I’m from 2018, and this is now irrelevant. I downloaded Linux Deploy from the developer and he’s changed it – you now have to purchase your distro. I’m serious guys, check for yourself. The author insists that you buy Linux from him. Fuck this lil bitch.


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