‘Mallu Cyber Soldiers’ takes revenge by hacking Pakistan government websites

While the US and China are entering into a cyber security agreement on the other side of the globe, the Indo Pak cyber hack games continue unabated. The latest casualty of the traditional rivalry are dozens of Pakistani government websites which were hacked inn response to the cyber attack on the Kerala government website by Pakistan-based hackers.

On Sunday, alleged Pakistani hackers hacked the official website of Kerala government – www.kerala.gov.in. The website had an image of burning Indian flag and messages such as Pakistan Zindabad”, “We are Team Pak Cyber Attacker” and “Security is just an illusion.”

But a few expected a tit for tat reply and that it too within hours. erala-based ‘Mallu Cyber Soldiers’ hacked into Pakistani websites, putting a burning Pakistan flag and a warning the Pakistani hackers to “better stay away from Indian cyber space.”¬†‘Mallu Cyber Soldiers’ has hacked around 46 Pakistan websites,¬†which include Pakistan’s government website Pakistan.gov.pk, president.gov.pk and cabinet.gov.pk.

On their facebook page, the Mallu Cyber Soldiers has stated that it has defaced another four sites. The defaced page sts.edu.pk has image of burning Pakistan flag with messages ‘Better stay away from Indian Cyber Space’. The cyber attack has been named as ‘Operation Pak Cyber Space’ and the hackers have claimed that it was a payback for hacking www.kerala.gov.in. Both Kerala government and Pakistani government are yet to restore the sites.

State Cyber Cell DYSP N Vijayakumar said that they are collector details from C-DiT over hacking of Kerala government website. “We don’t usually track cases of Indian groups hacking Pakistan websites. We had prevented an attempt from Pakistan to hack around 45 government website around 5 months ago,” he said.