Google buys all alphabets after turning into Alphabet

Google’s holding company, Alphabet buys all alphabet domain

Google is now Alphabet Inc and it is leaving no stone unturned to bring that to the notice of the world. Just after Google’s reorganization into Alphabet, the Internet giant has bought the entire alphabet online.

Alphabet now owns the unabridged, a domain that was created in 1999, according to domain-registration directory Whois. Alphabet confirmed the domain purchase.

Google had announced in August 2015 that it was reorganising into a new holding company called Alphabet. At that time it had unveiled its flagship domain called However, Microsoft had sensed an opportunity to troll Google and bought the domain which lead the readers to its own Bing search engine( still leads to Bing).

In order to protect its brand being trolled again, Google seems to have made the decision to buy the all alphabet domain.

“We realized we missed a few letters in, so we’re just being thorough,” an Alphabet spokesman said. Alphabet declined to say how it plans to use the domain name.

Surprisingly, the is not loading and returns a web page not available result. Companies often buy related domains for many reasons. For convenience, in case people misspell Google when they’re trying to reach the search engine, Alphabet owns and and forwards them to (Just try spelling its new domain without any typos.)

The search giant also owns some domains for defensive purposes to prevent opposition groups from using them. Alphabet owns, for example, and forwards it to

There are still several alphabet-related domains that Alphabet doesn’t own.  ABC network owns, and BMW has


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