Judge says the man who shot down a drone has a right to do so

Judge to man who shot down a drone : You “Had A Right” To Shoot Down Drone

A Hillview man who was arrested after he shot down a drone flying over his property was told by a judge that he has a right to shoot it down.

The police had arrested 47-year-old William H. Merideth after he had confessed to them he had shot down a drone that was flying over his house. The $1800 drone was hit in mid-air and crashed in a field near Merideth’s home.

After his arrest, Merideth was being produced in Bullit County District Court where the judge has determined that Merideth was within his rights when he pulled out a shotgun and shot down a drone that was allegedly spying on his family.

The court went on to dismiss all charges against Meredith. Merideth said the operator was violating his privacy and spying on his family. Monday’s hearing in Bullitt County lasted just over two hours and based on the judge’s ruling, William Merideth says he feels vindicated.

“Was it handled the right way, I don’t think so but justice came out in the end,” said Merideth.

It’s what he’s been saying all along, since shooting down David Boggs’ drone in July. Meredith says it was hovering over his Hillview property and he thought it was spying on his family.

“I was in my right to protect my family and my property,” said Merideth.

“Do you also agree that you chose to allow that drone to hover over some of those people’s property there on Earlywood Way?” said Merideth’s Attorney.

“No that’s not true,” replied Boggs.

During Monday’s hearing, Boggs testified that flight data showed the drone was flying higher than Meredith stated. But Judge Rebecca Ward says that since at least two witnesses could see the drone below the tree line, it was an invasion of privacy.

“He had a right to shoot at this drone, and I’m gonna dismiss this charge,” said Ward.

Judge Ward dismissed both charges against Merideth including criminal mischief and wanton endangerment.

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  1. Doesn’t matter if it was over 50 ft high..
    What was the the guy (Mr. Boggs) doing hovering it near/ over Mr Meridith’s yard in the first place..?

    If he was just flying it for enjoyment of looking at scenery..he wouldn’t have been hovering it stationary over/ near someone’s property for more than a few seconds….and certainly not long enough for someone to go get a shotgun, load it, and fire…

    I’m betting Mr. Boggs was doing it on purpose…f**king with people for shits & giggles…


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