Microsoft Launches “Hey Cortana” on Android Smartphones

‘Hey Cortana’ now comes to Android smartphones in upgraded Cortana App

Microsoft today released another update for the beta version of Cortana on Android smartphones and tablets. The update will finally brings support for “Hey Cortana,” the feature that allows you to simply call Microsoft’s digital personal assistant by name and tell her to perform a number of tasks.

While Windows Phone users can operate Hey Cortana without even touching their smartphones, Android users would have to use it with additional inputs. Hey Cortana available for Android smartphones wont work in the same way as on Windows devices. On Windows Phone or Windows 10, whenever you say Hey Cortana, the personal assistant wakes the phone, no matter if it’s locked or not, and listens to your command.  On Android, the phone needs to be unlocked, as Microsoft hasn’t found a way to get around the locking system and make it work just like on its own Windows Phone platform.

Without the option to use Hey Cortana when the Android smartphone is locked, the feature is of little use on an Android phone. It is difficult to imagine Android users will forgo Google’s OK Google feature which is fully integrated into each Android device, till Microsoft is able to make Hey Cortana work on lock screen.

If you want to activate Hey Cortana on your Android phone, all you have to do is launch the app and go over to settings to launch it.

Kindy remember Cortana for Android is still in beta stage, therefore a number of features might not work exactly as expected. You can try out Hey Cortana today by downloading Cortana here for your Android smartphones and tablets.

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