Microsoft to pay $300 for your old used Macbook provided you buy New Windows 10 PC

Microsoft is offering $300 for your old used Macbook if you buy a Windows 10 laptop

As explained in our earlier article, Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned to make sure that all of world’s computers run on Windows 10. To this effect it is seeking to dismantle Apple’s hold over the US markets by offering a once in lifetime buyback scheme for Macbook users.

Panos Panay, the man in charges of gadgets in Microsoft has made it no secret that Microsoft considers Surface Pro 3 a worthy replacement for the laptops built by Cupertino based firm. And he has mounted a new campaign to convince MacBook owners to switch to Windows 10.

As WinBeta reported, Microsoft is offering up to $300 (265 Euro) for your old MacBook if you purchase a new Windows 10 PC that costs $599 (525 Euro) or more. The offer is available in Microsoft stores in the United States between October 14 and October 20, so you better hurry up if you plan to switch to the new OS version. Microsoft also has something for Windows 7/8.1 users. It will give you $200 (180 Euro) voucher for a old laptop running on either of these two operating systems, provided you buy a new Windows 10 PC.

The terms and conditions state that Microsoft will accept all-in-ones, laptops or 2-in-1s, Apple MacBooks and iMacs as long as they are in working condition and are up to six years old. Also make sure your device has a minimum display of 11.3-inch and has a working battery and power supply. Monitors, keyboards, or mice are not needed.

If your MacBook/Windows 7/8.1 run laptop has serious defects and major signs of wear and tear (such as a broken screen) for which you wont find a seconds buyer, this is a chance to get a shiny new Windows 10 Laptop.

All information on the campaign, as well as the terms of the promotion, are available on the official website here.

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