Microsoft says that forcing Windows 10 on Windows 7/8.1 users was a ‘mistake’

Microsoft says forcing Windows 7/8.1 users to Windows Windows 10 was done by mistake

We had reported it earlier that Microsoft was forcing Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users to opt-in for Windows 10 operating system. Now Microsoft has issued a statement that this was being done by mistake.

Microsoft’s official response is:

As part of our effort to bring Windows 10 to existing genuine Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 customers, the Windows 10 upgrade may appear as an optional update in the Windows Update (WU) control panel. This is an intuitive and trusted place people go to find Recommended and Optional updates to Windows. In the recent Windows update, this option was checked as default; this was a mistake and we are removing the check.

Throughout the week, Microsoft forced Windows 7/8.1 users to opt for Windows 10 by automatically downloading a 6GB update package and barraging them with incessant popups that their PCs were ready for Windows 10 update. Earlier, Windows 7/8.1 users could opt-out of such process but now there is no longer an option to opt-out of upgrading altogether.

The fact that Microsoft wants you to upgrade to Windows 10 come whatever may is not lost when not even GWX Control Panel, a third-party tool that lets you manage or sidestep such updates, is not able to do so.

Believing Microsoft’s statement that it left the box checked causing the automatic upgrades, is pretty hard. It seems some top honcho in Microsoft with the permission of Satya Nadella was deliberately forcing Windows 7/8.1 users to upgrade to Windows 10.

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  1. Go into ‘Windows Update’ -> ‘Change Settings’ and make sure to clear the ‘recommended’ updates checkbox, so It doesn’t include Microsoft junk by default.

    Thank you Microsoft – for removing the trust in Windows Updates!

  2. Upgrading to Windows 10 has been a mistake as it made my wireless inoperable since the drivers don’t work. Manufacturer has offered no update for the drivers and Microsoft doesn’t give a shit.

  3. Well this is what I’ve done- and that is you have to go into the services.msc find windows update and turn it off
    by selecting disable, that way microsoft wont bother you any more and they cant change your machine
    But only do this if you have the reintallation disk or flash drive available that originally came with your machine.
    My Acer came with windows 8.1 and I made a back up of the re-installation partition and kept it handy if something should happen. Now since the evolvement of windows ten I’ve have lost my faith in microsoft and have wiped out windows 8.1 all together and have gone to Linux and Wow it runs faster and smoother than windows,- no more surprises no more frustrating hang up’s from updates that need to reboot the computer – I in fact feel a lot more at ease. Microsoft! You were once a good OS but sad to say this but people are goin to lose interest – faith – and most of all TRUST in you, and you have no one else to blame but yourself……


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