Review of Mixcder Basso Bluetooth Earphones

First Look Of The Mixcder Basso Wireless Sports Earbuds

Gone are the days when you had to connect the headphones and earphones to devices through cables. With advances in technology, many of the devices these days have become wireless.

Mixcder, an audio-first company has created, what could possibly be the best wireless earphones for sports. The earbuds dubbed ‘Basso’ is what we will be taking a look at today.

Mixcder Basso is a self-powered, rechargeable Bluetooth iem (BT iem) that supports BT 4.0 and aptX codec for enhanced audio quality. It is compatible with many Android, iOS and other devices that have BT 4.0 support.

In the box

In addition to the main earbuds, the Mixcder Basso Earbuds also comes equipped with a nice and neat travel case. The case is very rugged, strong, and will provide protection for the headphones when travelling, and leave some extra room for some memory cards, USB drives, and almost anything and everything that you can fit into it. It also has a carabiner whtich you can use to hang to your backpack, your belt, etc.

The unit also comes equipped with two sets of additional ear tips in case you lose the original ones. Additionally, the Mixcder Basso Earbuds also comes with its own microUSB to USB lead so that you can charge the earbuds when needed.

Design and Comfort

The Mixcder Basso has a one of a kind design that puts a lot of emphasis on ergonomics, ear hooks and rotatable earbuds that make the headsets fit your ear perfectly. These offer a much more plastic and rubber design. However, the benefit and logic behind the design is that not only are they extremely lightweight but also very comfortable. The ear hooks adds to the use of the earbuds and further lightens the feel of them when being worn. Also, the ear hooks essentially guarantee that they will not fall out when being worn. Due to the nature of their design, these are also sweat proof, which again, adds to their more outdoor and active purpose. Further, due to their rubber coating, these headsets hardly cause foreign body sensation when wearing it.

First Look Of The Mixcder Basso Wireless Sports Earbuds

Near the right earbud, there are 3 buttons and a MIC on the control pad, which is located on the cord. Mic is on the back side of the buttons. There are controls for on/off, pairing mode, volume up/down, answer/end call, reject call, redial the last call, play/pause, skip to next/previous song, turn on/off voice dial. All are controlled via the special and easy to learn push commands to either one of these buttons.

The Mixcder Basso is made of plastic, and colored in green and black. The cord, the earbuds and the eartips are not refined, and the overall impression of the design is not premium at all.


Much like most other Bluetooth earphones, the Basso can be paired with pretty much any type of mobile device fairly easily. You need to first turn the Bluetooth on your phone, then press and hold the center button of the iem for approximately 8 seconds. This way you will turn on your BT iem and can see the model number on the list.

After doing this pairing, you don’t need to pair your device again. They will find each other and pair automatically as you turn the BT to the ON position in each device consequently. There are also audio notifications telling you when the earphones are turning on, off, and when they’re pairing. All the buttons work even when you are listening to music from Youtube or elsewhere on the internet. That means that you need not have any music on your phone in order to make good of these Bluetooth earphones and they can also be used for hands-free calling if need be.

Audio Quality and Battery Life

The main selling point of the Mixcder Basso is arguably the great audio quality. They do provide a nice clean and balanced audio experience. However, if you are an audiophile, then the quality is a little lacking at both the high and low spectrum ends. Notably, the bass quality is where the Mixcder Basso Earbuds struggles the most. The bass is handled well at the pop and rock side of things, but it does start to suffer when plating more deeper bass oriented tracks. Not to any majorly disastrous way, but you won’t be getting the popping with the bass that you might expect or want.

First Look Of The Mixcder Basso Wireless Sports Earbuds

On the other hand, the battery life is 5 hours for continuous audio playback and more than 100 hours of standby. However, if you intend to use the Mixcder Basso for making/receiving calls as well as some music listening (around 1 hour of music listening and with 1 h of making calls) it lasts for approximately 2 days. So, both the standby time and the operating time is average for this kind of device.

Pricing and Conclusion

The Mixcder Basso Earbuds does excel as it provides the balance between quality, comfort and affordability. The comfort is excellent, they are extremely lightweight and offer very good hands-free call quality. The very nature of these earbuds is that they are designed for the more active and sport oriented consumer and for those, and when taking into consideration their price, these are a good quality earphones. In term of quality, they are good, not excellent, but good and will certainly keep you motivated when working out.

For those interested, the Mixcder Basso Earbuds are currently available for $25.99 on Amazon and are available in a jazzy black and green color.

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