‘Ultimate Hacking Keyboard’ splits in half and is fully programmable

Coders will love the new splittable ‘Ultimate Hacking Keyboard’

Building a specialised keyboard for coders was the aim of Hungarian startup Ultimate Gadget Laboratories. While some people don’t care much about their keyboard as long as all the letters are in the right place, coders on the other hand, need powerful and functional keyboards. Ultimate Gadget Laboratories looks to meet these expectations with the “Ultimate Hacking Keyboard.”

From the outside it looks like just another failed gadget, but there’s a lot under the hood. Mechanical key switches give a tactile feel to presses. It’s “tenkeyless” and “fkeyless,” meaning it doesn’t have the number pad or F-keys, making it more compact. It has a special custom layout that lets you control your media and your mouse without leaving the home row. Gamers and coders can set up macros and application-specific key mappings. And, of course, the whole thing splits in half for better ergonomics.

You can lay your hands on “UHK” somewhere next year. The only glitch is that Hungarian startup Ultimate Gadget has to meet crowdfunding target. Right now it is on the way meeting 30 percent of the target.

You can pre-order a “UHK,” as its creators call it, for $200 if you order now, but like all crowdfunding projects you’ll be taking a bit of a risk in buying into something that hasn’t been publicly reviewed.

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