Freeloaders are definitely going to be celebrating Christmas through the whole year thanks to piracy

A lot of consumers who pay to use content streaming services are unable to stream 4K content because of its high cost as well as the fact that they are going to have to pay more to increase their internet bandwidth since buffering 4K content is a very tasking thing to do. However, 4K content from both Netflix and Amazon has been ripped by pirates, which only means that more content in the same resolution is more likely going to be present for pirated content lovers to start downloading.

Previously, it was believed that these online streams were very well protected against pirates thanks to the High-Bandwidth Digital Copy Protection (HDCP) version 2.2 or higher. While it is still believed to provide adequate security to protect Ultra-High Definition, pirates have still found a way passed this. Despite the fact that this is still illegal and that pirated content lovers are going to have the time of their lives when they eventually find out about this, the primary question that comes to mind is how they managed to find out how to complete the process.

Downloading 4K content from both Amazon or Netflix and getting a pirated copy is not something to be taken lightly since that high a resolution will obviously result in content exceeding the 100GB size mark. Another question that comes to mind is how these pirate groups are successfully able to circumvent the copy protection. There are some sources that believe that pirates used devices ranging from Amazon’s Fire TV and Roku 4K device in order to rip content from both service providers.

According to a source, the pace at which high capacity storage devices are being released, which ranges from mechanical hard drives and SSDs (available at extremely affordable prices), it was only a matter of time before someone found out how to start ripping 4K content from Netflix and Amazon. If any other service provider starts to compete with both Netflix and Amazon, you can rest assured that their content is also going to get ripped as well, in a short period of time.