Anonymous say majority of CyberCaliphate cyber attacks are fake

Anonymous trace CyberCaliphate to a single IP and say that majority of their claims are fake

The online hacktivist group, Anonymous which has been on lookout for pro ISIS hack group, CyberCaliphate for past year, have had a major breakthrough in their efforts.  Anonymous was able to trace the location of CyberCaliphate, and has new information on how the group operates.

According to Anonymous the CyberCaliphate are found to be operating from a single IP address in Kuwait. Anonymous traced at least 10 Twitter handles, each with a different name, being handled from this IP. Anonymous have said that the pro-ISIS hackers use this Twitter handles to post propaganda literature throughout the day.

Speaking to Epoch Times through a Twitter interview, JhonJoe, a hacker with the Anonymous revealed some interesting things about CyberCaliphate. The ISIS accounts last about eight hours before they’re suspended by Twitter, and after about 10 suspensions, JhonJoe said “they disappear for a few weeks, only to re-emerge.” He says that when they re-emerge, they use a different name, yet keep the CyberCaliphate banner. However the trace leads to the same address in Kuwait.

According to JhonJoe, they were tipped off to the location of the IP address by an independent security contractor who had been hired to conduct an investigation after one of his client’s details were published by CyberCaliphate.

Fake claims by CyberCaliphate

Anonymous aid that CyberCaliphate fakes most of its hack attacks. In fact, Anonymous say that the CyberCaliphate hackers release publicly available information and claim that they stole it through hacking. Other times, they take credit for hack attacks done by other groups for other purpose.

Anonymous gave the example of how CyberCaliphate claimed they hacked an Israeli wedding decorations website. According to JhonJoe, the site had been hacked by a Tunisian hacking group “with a far different aim than ISIS,” and the CyberCaliphate was quick to jump the gun and claim the hack attack.

“They posted hundreds of pieces of claimed hacks, but they were all public info looked up on Google,” JhonJoe said.

“Their funniest and most laughable was when they leaked the location of every McDonald’s in England,” he said.

Another time, CyberCaliphate copied and pasted the names and phone numbers of U.S. members of Congress—which is available on the U.S. House of Representatives website—and claimed they got the information by hacking U.S. Congressional servers.

Anonymous had opened a campaign called #OpISIS against ISIS and its affiliates last year. Under this campaign it has managed to close down thousands of Twitter and Facebook accounts of ISIS supporters. Additionally it has also brought down hundreds of website which propagate or publicise ISIS.

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