How to remove French flag from your Facebook profile picture

After the dreadful Paris terrorist attacks, Facebook introduced a tool to add a French flag filter to profile photos in order to display solidarity with the Parisians and France. However the problem is that many Facebook users are finding it more difficult to change their pictures back.

When customising their profile picture, Facebook users are given the option to let the French flag expire after a day, a week, a month – or last forever. However users who set a longer time limit are now struggling to disable the French flag overlay. Unfortunately, the only other way to remove the overlay is to simply pick your previous profile picture.

Navigate to your profile page on Facebook, hover over your profile picture and click the “Update Profile Picture” option which appears.

This lets users pick a previous photograph, without the overlaid French flag filter.

Users were able to superimpose red, white and blue stripes across their existing photograph

The problem is that the automatic filter removal feature by Facebook does not seem to work. Some users have complained on various fora that the filter does not remove itself automatically, even after the time limit has expired.

“This is something that Facebook should be fixing,” one user blasted on the social network’s support page. “We had a choice of how long to leave the flag ‘on’ and its not working. Pretty annoyed. I shouldn’t have to do anything, should have been automatic!”