Razer and Lenovo are teaming up to make some of 2016’s most awesome gaming PCs

Razer and Lenovo are teaming up to make some of 2016’s most awesome gaming PCs

Lenovo and gaming PC company Razer announced on Friday that they are partnering up to build a new range of Lenovo gaming PCs in 2016. Both the two companies will be represented on special Razer Edition models of Lenovo’s Y series gaming PCs, giving Lenovo a chance to gain some additional credibility among the core gamer market.

In an interview with GamesBeat, Victor Rios, vice president and general manager of performance PCs at Lenovo said, “We’re really excited about this. We’ve made performance PCs for many years. But we’ve never really had a dedicated focus on gaming PCs as a segment. When we looked at the market opportunity, we looked around for companies that would be great to partner with. And Razer came out on top of the list.”

He added, “We really like their passion for gamers and what they can bring to the table, not only with their accessory business, their software, and their knowledge of gamers. We think this is an exciting next step in our PC business.”

Kevin Sather, Razer’s director of product marketing, said in an interview that Razer has access to 12 million gamers in its community, and it will offer some research to Lenovo that will help it with its designs.

“It’s a very synergistic relationship and that was a key point for us,” Sather said. “We have great positioning within gaming. Our tagline is ‘by gamers, for gamers.’ We live and breathe that. We combine their focus on PCs and our expertise in gaming with software like Chroma and feedback from gamers. They have their own audience and it will be interesting to merge those two audiences together.

While there is no word yet on the specifications for the jointly developed systems, but Razer says that “[all] forthcoming Lenovo Razer Edition products will be co-branded and reflect the edgy Lenovo Y series look and feel with iconic Razer elements like customizable Chroma lighting effects.”

Razer also says that the two companies are working on more than just PCs and are gearing up to “double down efforts to fast track the development of new technologies, including gaming experience enhancements.”

Lenovo will enter the business in phases, and it will co-design a gaming PC with Razer and show a prototype machine at the DreamHack digital festival in Sweden next week. That will lead to more announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show (2016 International CES) in Las Vegas in January.

You can register your interest on Razer’s website to sign up for a newsletter, if you want to keep up with any news regarding the partnership in the meanwhile.

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