Man sues Ashley Madison for tricking him into flirting with ‘fembots’

Man sues Ashley Madison for $5 million saying it tricked him into flirting with ‘an army of female bots’

Ashley Madison, the website for cheaters is once again in the news. And as always for bad reasons. An Ashley Madison users, David Poyet has filed a Class Action Suit against Madison parent company Avid Life Media for allegedly duping users into signing up for the service by employing an “army of fembots.” For his hardships, Poyet is demanding Avid Life pay him $5 million.

Courthouse News Service  reported that the former Ashley Madison user, Poyet, has filed the case saying that he was tricked by Ashley Madison into believing he was interacting with beautiful females while all the time he was interacting with ‘an army of fembots.’ He says that he came to know that they were fembots or female robot users only after the hack attack and subsequently stolen data was leaked by the Impact Team.

“Ashley Madison went to extreme measures to fraudulently lure in and profit from customers,” Poyet’s complaint reads. “Defendants’ fraudulent and deceitful actions include, but are not limited to: Marketing that the site had 5.5 million female profiles, when only a small percentage of the profiles belonged to actual women who used the site; hiring employees whose jobs were to create thousands of fake female profiles; and creating over 70,000 female bots to send male users millions of fake messages.”

Ashley Madison had created a lot of female profiles that are basically robot users that send users flirtatious messages and entice them to spend money on credits to respond to them. When this was revealed by Gizmodo, Avid Life denied that it intentionally tricked users into flirting with robots and has said that “criminal elements” were creating fake profiles on the site and that it would refund any users who paid to flirt with fake profiles.

Coming back to Poyet’s case, the road to $5 million seems to be a tough one for him. The problem is that the Ashley Madison terms of service clearly state that the users might encounter fembots during their visit to the site. Seems like Poyet will have to return empty handed from the court.

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