Pichai Open Sources TensorFlow, Google’s Artificial Intelligence Engine

Google’s Artificial Intelligence engine, TensorFlow now available to everyone

Google has made TensorFlow available for anyone and everyone to edit, modify and use in a whole manner of deployments. The artificial intelligence or machine learning engine is one of Google’s successful experiments and helps the search giant in automated search and analysis. The open sourcing of TensorFlow was announced by none other than Google CEO, Sundar Pichai himself.

The engine has been used by the Google to improve speech recognition in the official Google app as well as forming the image search now available in Google Photos. The Google Blog explains,

“TensorFlow is great for research, but it’s ready for use in real products too. TensorFlow was built from the ground up to be fast, portable, and ready for production service. You can move your idea seamlessly from training on your desktop GPU to running on your mobile phone. And you can get started quickly with powerful machine learning tech by using our state-of-the-art example model architectures. For example, we plan to release our complete, top shelf ImageNet computer vision model on TensorFlow soon.”

The engine is available as a standalone library and associated tools, tutorials, as well as examples are under Apache 2.0 license.

For more information on TensorFlow, kindly check out the official website.

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