Email and Twitter accounts President Obama and BBC News figure in the ‘anti-Islamic State list’ prepared by Anonymous

The online hacktivist group, Anonymous has prepared a list of possible ISIS targets for its cyber attacks. Surprisingly, this list called ‘anti-Islamic State list’ has the email ids and Twitter accounts of President Obama as primary target.

For the uninitiated, immediately after the gruesome Paris attacks, Anonymous had declared a total cyber war against the ISIS and its affiliates. Since the announcement, Anonymous have downed more than 5,500 Twitter accounts that were promoting ISIS activity. Since then a further 15,000 are said to have been taken offline or targeted with Rickroll links.

Now, Anonymous has prepared a hit list of targets for its cyber warriors which is being circulated among its members. The surprising entries among these targets are President Obama’s non-POTUS account, BBC News and New York Times. The list has been put up for members on Pastebin, a web app commonly used to anonymously publish text online.

Email and Twitter accounts President Obama and BBC News figure in the 'anti-Islamic State list' prepared by Anonymous

Newsbeat has looked through the list and discovered many more unlikely targets. Obama’s right-hand woman is there, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton), as well as the White House (@WhiteHouse), the US State Department (@StateDept), a Twitter “help” account for people trying to get verified and America’s most famous newspaper, the New York Times (@nytimes).

Though the list seems to have been corrected now, the reason behind the inclusion of President Obama’s email id and Twitter account in the list is not known.


  1. Unlikely? It’s out in the public and proven that US and their close allies like Turkey, sponsors, trains and equips ISIS and also profit from trading ISIS oil.


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