A technology that can bring dead back to life might be a reality soon

Researchers plan to bring dead to life by freezing their brains and then resurrecting them with artificial intelligence

Bringing the dead back to life is futuristic and final frontier of science and Humai is working on just that. Humai is a technology company based in Los Angeles and is working on a project known as “Atom & Eve” that would let human consciousness be transferred to an artificial body after their death.

The artificial intelligence company has said it can resurrect human beings within the next 30 years. The “conversational styles, [behavioural] patterns, thought processes and information about how your body functions from the inside-out” would be stored on a silicon chip through AI and nanotechnology.

Humai researchers are banking on three technologies – bionics, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence – to achieve their goal of bringing the dead back to life and they feel that it will take around three decades for them to achieve this goal.

The founder of Humai, Josh Bocanegra told the Australian Popular Science: “I accept death, I’m not afraid of it that I’m not 100% sure I’m going to die one day.” While their Facebook page states, “Will death always be inevitable? We don’t think so.”

Bocanegra told Australian Popular Science that the brain of the deceased will be frozen using cryonics technology so that when the technology is fully developed they can implant the brain into an artificial body.

Humai says that bringing a body back to life won’t be easy, or cheap. It’s not known how the brains would be harvested, or for that matter, how much it would cost to bring someone back from the dead. Bocanegra says,”Using cloning technology, we will restore the brain as it matures”. “I don’t think of it as fighting death. I think of it as making death optional. I personally cannot imagine why someone would want to die, but I respect everyone’s wishes,” Bocanegra adds. 

The most astonishing fact about Humai is that it consists of only five members. Two of them are researchers, one is the ambassador and an AI expert.

Should we be playing with the nature and bringing back the dead? Do put in your views in the comments section.

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  1. You stupid dumbasses do you know what R.I.P. stands for, let me tell you it stands for REST IN PEACE. Leave the dead alone have enough respect and decency to let them be with the Lord if it is your time to go its your time to go. Sure I miss my family that has passed but they belong in the ground for the Lord to bring back. This is what are tax dollars is going to, the stupidest little damn things you can think of our government is corrupt and the people that thought of “bringing the dead to life” ain’t no damn better than stink on shit

  2. I would prefer to live as if there is a God and if I am wrong there are no consequences than to live as if there isn’t a God and pay the eternal consequences. Yes, we sin daily, all humans do. There are so many things wrong with our world today and yet mankind can’t fix it. The one thing that one of the commenters said that is truth is that our bodies were created to live forever. One thing wrong now is that due to sin over the generations of time is that our bodies have become less, much less, than perfect, thus shorter lives. The Bible has been proven historically correct and science cannot disprove it. So ladies and gentlemen make your own choices. Make a decision to accept him and have eternal life or turn away. Just make sure you make the right decision because It has said that the Holy Spirit will not strive forever with the hearts of man. Have a wonderful day and do your best to make someone else’s brighter and happier.


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