Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge being targeted not by users, but by something more sinister

Microsoft is being targeted, and not just by users

While Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge might have increased in popularity, it also becomes a target for one of the most vicious malware to ever exist on the planet. According to the latest report, the Trojan Dyreza, which is also known as Dyre has been updated in order to target computer systems that have been running Windows 10. Apart from targeting the operating system, the Trojan also ends up targeting the platform’s default browser, Microsoft Edge.

The latest report issued by Heimdal Security states that the primary objective of the Windows 10 malware is to steal critical information, and in order to enter systems much more efficiently, it is able to kill a string of processors in order to make this possible. According to the report, approximately, 80,000 machines might have already been infected by the Trojan, which only means that more users are definitely going to follow in the near future.

Currently, Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge users only make up a small percentage of those around the globe, with majority of them running Windows 7 on their systems. Even after a small portion of users upgraded their operating systems, Dyreza’s existence has managed to make things even more serious for security experts worldwide. Also, since the malware has been upgraded in order to target just Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge users, you should think twice before upgrading to the latest operating system.

The Trojan was originally created in 2014, and apart from exploiting Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, it has also added Microsoft Edge to that list. The malware is considered to be extremely sinister since it targets banking websites and supply-chain businesses, and as most of you know, that is where majority of users have their sensitive financial credentials stored. Heimdal Security has stated the following concerning the threat of Dyreza:

“Lagging cyber security education and the amount of software vulnerabilities that plague all platforms, but especially Windows-based PCs, are creating an environment that’s so rich in opportunities to exploit that cyber criminals can simply not resist.”

Microsoft has currently not given any degree of confident on how they plan to tackle this new threat, but it is high time that they beefed up their security considerably.

Muhd. Omer cannot control his love for tech, so he became an author at Techworm to report on the latest happenings in technology, and to educate others


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