Anonymous reveal HOW they take down ISIS (video)

Anonymous reveal HOW they take down ISIS in tell-all video

After a series of deadly attacks by the bloodthirsty jihadis, the cyber war against Daesh has stepped up. Anonymous and its supporters carried out a day of ISIS trolling to anger and belittle the extremists.

While Anonymous hackers turn the screw on ISIS, a member spoke to to reveal their methods.

Given the job of hunting down members of ISIS on social media, the masked activist named only as TMT, is a part of two online operations called Op ISIS and Binary Sec.

Also known as Daesh, the terror group widely use tools such as Twitter to spread their sick propaganda throughout the world.

Describing herself as a “tracker” rather than a hacker, TMT quickly shuts down the ISIS Twitter accounts to prevent the spread of Daesh’s poisonous messages.

She said: “We have people around the world around the clock checking these people, checking ISIS members, we comb their timelines, we go through their websites.

“We vet very carefully and we only target ISIS, we do not discriminate against all Muslim sites by any means and we are easily able to identify ISIS members. A lot of them will have a beheading as their banner.”

Once the crazed jihadis are recognized by the group, they inform the social media bosses who can then disable the accounts.
TMT said: “We identify the member and then we have a variety of ways, we have a bot (programmed system), and we use a scraper to collect the names of the followers after we have identified the ISIS member.

“We feed that into a database and the bot spits out those names three at a time in increments we set beforehand.

“It can be every hour, every half hour, it depends how many names we are able to put through our database and once those start rolling out there and Twitter, anyone that follows that bot can click on those links which lead to identified ISIS members and report them to Twitter.”
The process of removing pages speeds up the mass reporting of profiles.

Calling itself a “hacktivist” group, Binary Sec is one strand of Anonymous. Their mission is to stop terrorists using the internet to recruit members.

The group says: “We help out in as many operations as possible. Our current mission is to exterminate all terrorism content on the web making it hard for terrorists to recruit online.”

So how are terrorism websites stopped? Binary Sec compel websites offline with ‘Denial of Service’ and ‘Distributed Denial of Service’ systems which cause the servers to overload and go offline.

Internet users are encouraged by the group to report ISIS content and affiliated websites and accounts to Binary Sec and the website hosts.

Binary Sec says: “All reported sites then go through a check and if they are ISIS affiliated they get added to a list of targeted sites. Then our weapons team comes in and puts a stop to it by flooding the website’s server.”

It is not possible to figure out how many jihadis have been prevented from spreading ISIS’ propaganda as a result of Anonymous’ operations but it is believed to be in the thousands.

TMT added: “There are so many of us doing it.

“Different ops have claimed 20,000 here and this and that. We don’t tally ours, we just do the work. I would safely feel comfortable saying thousands.”

TMT says her operation Binary Sec carefully chooses who to take down in spite of the claims of mindless online hacking.

She said: “We don’t target anyone and anything. We have our causes and within my operation Binary Sec we are very careful about targeting and what we do. We vet our targets very carefully and make sure they are ISIS and then we take them down.”

When questioned as to who are the people behind the masks, TMT replied TMT many people who hold ordinary jobs, fight ISIS in their spare time.

Praising her colleagues, she said: “Shoutout to all the people in Op ISIS and Binary Sec who put in 16 hour days and those with jobs that come home and stay awake until 3am at night and are holding down these communications.

“They are dedicated people, we all are. We are all humanists. We do this for humanity.”

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