Chat of PS4 gamers to be closely monitored by government authorities

PS4 gamers should be vary from this point on because their privacy is going to be invaded thoroughly

After the terrorist attacks that brought half of Paris to its knees, looks like it was finally time to stay ahead of the game. For PS4 console owners however, it is going to be a different story altogether and it looks like from this point onwards, they will not be able to engage comfortably with other PS4 gamers and friends alike thanks to the following news. The Italian government has stated that it will monitor communications among users via the chat feature present in Sony’s latest gaming console.

Justice Minister Andrea Orlando had stated that the chat feature of PS4 could easily be used in order to allow terrorists to plot future attacks, which will obviously result in terrible results. In order to counter this, the Minister has said that a total of €150 million, or £106 million is going to be invested in order to reform information and security services within the year.

Mr. Orlando describes the information as follows:

“The internet offers numerous opportunities for communication and counter-terrorism investigations have reported that PlayStation could also be a tool used, so any form of communication should be monitored.”

One of the reasons why PS4’s chat feature is going to be monitored is because since it exists on just Sony’s servers, monitoring communication is even more difficult as compared to WhatsApp. In order to stay ahead of the terrorists’ plans, Italian security authorities are going to be on high alert and will be deployed in a large amount ahead of the beginning of the Vatican’s ‘Jubilee Year’, which is going to take place on December 8. For those of you who do not know this, an estimated 25 million Catholic pilgrims travel to Rome in the hope of being forgiven for their sins.

Sony has not yet commented if they are actually helping the authorities tap into the PS4 chat feature in order to stay ahead, but it looks like we will learn something in the following week soon enough.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH this is so damn retarded, but hey…as long as we don’t rebel against big brother, he`ll come closer and closer 🙂


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