Unknown hacker hacks Cricket South Africa’s Facebook page, makes posts with NSFW content

Hacker post explicit content after hacking Cricket South Africa’s Facebook page

The Cricket South Africa (CSA) Facebook page was hacked early yesterday evening and several webpage links containing explicit adult content were posted overnight. Fortunately, the page administrators gained control of its page this morning after contacting Facebook’s offices for assistance.

Hackers post explicit content on Cricket South Africa's Facebook page
Some of the explicit content posted by the hacker

It still remains unclear if the association was targeted or was a victim of a random cyber breach. The top posts made by the hackers are given below :

  • 9 Pictures That Show How Michael Jackson’s Face Has Changed
  • A Russian Laboratory Has Invented A Way to Remove The Black Skin Layer Of Black People
  • Kendall Jenner puts her N***** and B*** on display in See Through Outfit!
  • What Happens During Sex In The Human Body
  • Meet the World’s Sexiest Mexican Instagram Model

The confronting images images included semi-naked women in bikinis and a couple lying in bed naked together. CSA said an unidentified hacker gained access to their page, which is followed by 3.3 million people, and removed all of their officials from the list of administrators.

The organisation says they’ve conformed to all the privacy settings on the website and have also emailed Facebook staff in the United States to query what happened.

CSA spokesperson Altaaf Kazi said, “All the people who have admin rights on Cricket South Africa’s page were kicked out, so we couldn’t get into Cricket South Africa’s page. We’ve since then contacted Facebook and done all the necessary procedures to ensure that the account is taken down. There has been no negligence from our side as far as I’m aware.”

Cricket South Africa issued an apology on their Twitter account as soon as they realised the account had been hacked.

“Evening everyone, we are aware that our Facebook page has been hacked & are working on resolving the issue,” the tweet read.

“Our apologies for the inappropriate posts that are currently up. We will have this issue sorted out as soon as possible.”

Some trolls took this opportunity to slam Cricket SA for their shoddy security


The page has been restored as of now.

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