Donald Trump supporter hacks California road sign with ‘Vote Donald Trump’ message

Hacker puts ‘Vote Donald Trump’ message on a hacked California road sign in support for the Presidential candidate

The Republican front runner for US Presidential nomination received a boost from unknown quarters when a apparent supporter of Donald Trump hacked a giant road sign in California to post a message ‘Vote Donald Trump’

The unknown hacker decided to boost Donald Trump’s visibility in the nominations race by breaking into a road sign and changing its default message in support of Donald Trump.

The defaced road sign was first spotted and filled by filmed by Nikki Worden who immediately posted it on Facebook to draw attention of the authorities.

The road sign is located on northbound 15 Freeway at Ontario Avenue in Corona, California and is operated by Caltrans.

According to the video by Nikki, the road sign was hacked to say: “Inland Empire supports Donald Trump – Merry Xmas – Vote Donald Trump.”

The Riverside County Transportation Commission which oversees the road signs and billboards in that area confirmed that the road sign was hacked. “Someone accessed the message sign. Hacked into the message and changed it for their own purposes,” said Anne Mayer, spokeswoman for the commission.

Authorities said that they found the configuration box of the road sign unlocked when they investigated. However breaking the lock was not enough because to change the feed on the road sign, a password was required to the configuration panel, the officials said.

Therefore the officials presume this to be a work of unknown hacker who is also supporter of Donald Trump considering most of such billboards/road signs use a very weak passwords.

The road sign was defaced on Christmas night, December 25, and by the second day, authorities regained control of the display.

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