The ‘Facebook of Latin America’ Taringa! Awarded $76,000 in Bitcoin to its Users

Taringa! is called Facebook of Latin America and most of its 75 million users are from the Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Chile, Peru and the US Latino community. Just over six months after the launch of its Creadores program, Taringa! has distributed 195 BTC — or $76,000 USD to its top content creating users.

In what may the first case of a content creator getting awarded by a social media platform, the top contributor, Bernardino, who is a teacher, received over $2,000 USD in bitcoins. The Creadores program is already a hit on Taringa! and has attracted 15,478 users, according to Head of PR and Communication at Taringa!, Agustina Fourquet. Moreover, she notes that participating users have increased their content production by 30%.

Taringa!’s Creadores electronically rewards users, who create the best content on the site by using a revenue share program where ad revenue is distributed among the users. Taringa! has entered into an agreement with Palo Alto-based Bitcoin wallet service provider Xapo to make payments in bitcoin to the users who make most profitable content.

The list of top content creators on Taringa! are given below :

1st: Bernardino is a Mexican psychologist, teacher, and is in the process of getting a graduate diploma. He has been a member of Taringa! since 2012 under the nickname @Berikuand publishes unusual images to pique users’ curiosities. Bernardino earned over $2,000 USD from the program.

2nd: Juan Lopez has been an Argentine Taringa! user since 2005. He has the nickname@juanjuju and has already received 3,523,666 bits (over $1,300 USD). The first post with which he started earning bits was his own list of 19 stunning photos. Besides bitcoin, he also received 120 favorites, 130 comments and over 8,000 points within the community.

3rd: Gonzalo Acosta is Uruguayan, works for Unicef and became a Taringa! user in October 2014 with the nickname @elpichiario. So far, he has earned 522,940 bits or about $197 USD. The first post with which he received bits was a collection of stories and images of people who helped to fulfill the last wish of dying patients.

4th: Rodrigo Loyola, an Argentine who lives in Spain, has been a member of Taringa! since 2012 under the nickname @SoyDarkDamBanneD. As a daily poster, he writes about cars and gamers. Since he joined Taringa! Creators he has earned 2,788,704 bits ($1,053 USD). The first post with which he received bits in Taringa! was a tutorial titled, “Can your PC survive without antivirus?”

5th: Juanjo Ortiz is a Spaniard and a passionate World War II historian. He’s been a Taringa! user since 2010 with the nickname @grisom_es and mainly uses the site to share his notes, research and articles about the war, which he also writes for his blog. He received his first bits for his post: “Berghof, Hitler’s home in Berchtesgaden,” with which he earned 660,729 bits ($250 USD).