This website explains how a car works from basics to advanced

This website is a must for car lovers around the world

We all love cars but we dont know what goes on inside a car. If you are not a good mechanic, you bang your head every time your car stalls. You also stomped in the head every time  you open a bonnet or crawl under the car.

Now you can know every itsy bitsy thing about cars, thanks to excellent field guide, the succinctly named How A Car Works which details exactly how a car works.

The website prepared with a single goal of explaining cars and has over 236 articles. The website was established in 2011 and has now expanded to include several thousand historic car manuals and documents.

It has everything about every car. A Ford — many of the Haynes-manual-via-1983 illustrations star the first-generation Ford Fiesta. (There’s also a Renault 5, and what might even be a MkIV Cortina.)

If you want to know how to clean and replace a dynamo control box? That’s in there. How about renewing alternator brushes? Yep, just your average everyday beginner’s advice. There’s how to adjust toe, how to replace a Bendix gear, how to remove door panels, how to install a new windshield washer motor, and the website has an answer for you.

You can browse the site here

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