Video reveals the world’s worst Wi-Fi password

Where simple and easy hackable passwords such as “password” and “1234” are still used by many people to secure their Wi-Fi hotspots, a new viral video doing the rounds show that there are even worse passwords options out there. The team behind action video YouTube channel RocketJump have come up with the worst Wi-Fi password ever: ‘fourwordsalluppercase’.

As the video shows, it’s a password designed to cause mass confusion and irritation. There are no uppercase letters in “fourwordsalluppercase,” nor are there any dashes or underscores to separate any of the four words. It tries to make people understand that the password is challenging to some extent, as their first instinct would be to try and enter all uppercase letters and separate the four words. Alternatively, as put forward by the main character in the RocketJump video, “fourwordsalluppercase” is “one word, all lowercase, it’s like any other Wi-Fi password.”

It looks like “fourwordsalluppercase” is going to be one of the most popular passwords of 2016, considering that the video has been viewed by 1.5 million people in just two days.

Check out the video below to see the worst Wi-Fi ever: