Amsterdam has Europe’s first ever hotel dedicated towards gamers

Europe’s first dedicated hotel for gamers opens in Amsterdam

There are several reasons why tourists would want to visit Amsterdam. Apart from its breathtaking scenic beauty to several tourist locations, the region now has a fully equipped hotel that will be catering to the requirements of gamers all across the globe, so if you have the money saved and if you do consider yourself as a hardcore gamer, then you should definitely be taking a trip to Amsterdam. On the official website page, it is stated that you will be able to enjoy the many perks of being a console, or regular gamer.

Called The Arcade Hotel, the architecture holds consoles in every guest room, not to mention handhelds in the lobby bar and a comic book library, something that will definitely be telling your inner nerd soul to visit here for your next vacations. It is built on an established family-run hotel business, and owner Daniel Salmanovich states says he is remodelling this hotel into a special place for people who love the joys of gaming. He states the following, suggesting that he wants visitors to feel more than just comfortable.


“I wanted to create a place where travelers and gamers feel like they are staying at a friend’s home.”

Additionally, there are also a slew of tournaments taking place, which will definitely take competitive gaming to its peak. The hotel’s owner is not going to stop here because he also has plans to build a special gaming room in the structure within the next couple of years and extend the number of rooms from 36 to 45. If you ever wanted to get to know pricing details and other information, you can visit the official website of The Arcade Hotel.

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