Anonymous Warn Prodigy’s Keith Flint Over His New Fox Hunting Hobby

Keith Flint of Prodigy fame has taken up a new fox hunting hobby and Anonymous are pissed

The Prodigy’s Keith Flint took up a new fox hunting hobby and it has pissed the online hacktivist group, Anonymous. They have issued a warning through a video to Keith Flint to cease and desist from hunting foxes.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Flint has apparently invested in several hunting horses and his “enthusiasm for [Fox Hunting] is the talk of Essex hunting circles”. The report claimed Flint “has embarked on a new life as a country gent and been spotted riding out with his local hunt.”

Anonymous took offence to a celebrity indulging in such cowardly hobby. In a video uploaded to YouTube, a masked figure calls Flint a “traitorous f—wit” for the u-turn on his act’s anti-establishment streak, and warns he has 12 months to clean up his act.

“It has come to our attention that Keith has a fetish for murdering animals. It has come to our attention that Keith, has been rubbing shoulders with Tory criminals, whilst out fox hunting,” the message begins.

“We once had a great deal of respect for you, we admired your art, your rage and your vision and your haircut, but now,” the video continues, “Anonymous have targeted you with the message because you disgrace what we stand for.”

The Anonymous guy in Guy Fawkes mask further states, “Some of the tribal chants that were used in the music made by the Prodigy were ancient chants used by spiral tribes to create harmony among all living creatures. The tribes gave the Prodigy permission to use these chant for free, and this is how Keith repays them, by killing animals for sport.”

In a chilling final message, the masked man warns: “You still have a chance to change your ways Keith. One year should do it.”

The maverick performer has since made efforts to clear his name by insisting no fox was harmed in his one and only hunt. Anonymous, however, isn’t impressed with his new choice of hobby.

Flint has since issued a message on his band’s Facebook page in which he writes, “In regards to a story going around about me right now – yes I live in essex and have a couple of horses. I went riding with the local trail hunt, it was a ride out and NO ANIMALS WERE HUNTED OR KILLED, so my conscience is clear, it wasn’t my thing and I won’t be going again.”

Message from Keef Flint: ‘In regards to a story going around about me right now – yes I live in essex and have a couple…

Posted by The Prodigy on Sunday, 3 January 2016


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