This is what Apple’s new 4 inch iPhone 5se looks like

First look of the Apple’s new 4 inch iPhone 5se

In case you havent heard, Apple is dumping its 2014 flagship for something flashier. The new iPhone which has been in the works since the launch of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus has been dubbed the iPhone 5se.

According to multiple sources unlike the 6 inch iPhone 6s,  iPhone 5se will be a 4-inch iPhone affair. It is still baffling iPhone fans and critics alike as why Apple named its new iteration as iPhone 5se which does not follow any precedence.

What does iPhone 5se look like?

While there are dozens of images of the purported iPhone 5se floating around on the internet, a Dutch website One More Thing got access to an image which seem to be the perfect one to hit the mark. The image which is given below shows an iPhone 5se right next to the iPhone 5.

It’s really easy to tell them apart, assuming you know your iPhone history. The iPhone 5s was the first handset to pack a fingerprint sensor, now a major characteristic of iOS devices, so the handset on the left is the iPhone 5 while the iPhone 5se is placed on the right.

If you look carefully at the image, you will notice that the handset on the right isn’t an iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5se features the same camera placement, volume rockers, mute button and standby button design. However the standby button has been moved to the right side of the handset.

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