Leaked data shows that Police officer called Obama as “antipolice, antilaw and order President”

An anonymous hacker created flutter by leaking names and addresses of officers, forum posts critical of Barack Obama, and controversial contracts which he accessed by hacking Fraternal Order of Police website

A hacker hacked into the website of America’s biggest police union website and leaked private files including the names and addresses of officers, forum posts critical of Barack Obama, and controversial contracts made with city authorities on Thursday.

The anonymous hacker managed to hack the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) website. FOP represents about 330,000 law enforcement officers across the US.  The hacker stole approximately 18TB of data from its servers and leaked around 3.5 gigs online. The data was picked by users and is being currently shared on social media networks.

FOP’s website, fop.net, remained offline on Thursday evening.

“We have contacted the office of the assistant attorney general in charge of cyber crime, and officials from FBI field offices have already made contact with our staff,” Chuck Canterbury, the FOP’s national president, said in an interview.

Canterbury said he was confident that no sensitive personal information or financial details of their members had been obtained. “Some names and addresses were taken,” he said. “It concerns us. We’re taking steps to try to notify our members but that is going to take some time.”

The hacker was also able to steal threads from the FOP’s members-only online which contained controversial posts, including some in which officers expressed anger at Obama, supreme court justice Sonia Sotomayor and “illegals” who were in the US without documentation.

One of the leaked 2010 post in the name of Robert Schafer from Virginia described Obama as an “antipolice, antilaw and order President”. In 2009, Donald Hartman of Indiana condemned the FOP leadership for endorsing the nomination of the “radical socialist” Sotomayor.

While another post by Anthony Orlando of Tennessee says this about FOP leadership “follow her lead, step down and give their seats to a minority or smart latina”.

In an online posting, a person using the screen name Cthulhu said he or she had released the files after receiving them from a source who wished to remain anonymous and wanted them made public “in light of an ever increasing divide between the police groups and the citizens of the US”. In a statement to the Guardian, Cthulhu added: “Our role is simply to present the material in an unadulterated form for the public to analyse.”

Cthulhu also claimed to be holding back a total of 18 terabytes of police data, yet Canterbury insisted that nowhere near that amount of information was in the FOP systems.

The leak also contains hundreds of contracts between regional authorities and local fraternal order of police lodges across the country. Some such deals have been sharply criticised as shielding police officers from prosecution or disciplinary action following the excessive use of force.

FBI confirmed that it was investing the hack but refused to comment on the contents of the leak.



  1. So, What? That’s what Presidents are for: To praise when things are going your way; and to throw rocks at, when they aren’t. Our Presidents don’t control shit – They’re just fucking Puppets… The last puppet who tried gaining control of his own strings died in Dallas, in 1963.

  2. Heres the thing. The police of this nation are still true to the Constitution and take the oath the swore with the greatest seriousness. Where the issue comes in is with the courts the must work with that distort justice and have circumvented the Constitution and Bill of Rights they were established to protect. The courts do not fly an American Flag they fly and Admiralty Flag which is international jurisdiction which is who governors the court via the DOT which is controlled by the International Fund. How do we go about justice with out the courts if the courts can not be trusted to uphold what they should long for in their communities, should they be deserving of their positions. I would love to hear thoughts and ideas. There is history behind this though this is where the thoughts need to start. I would be happy to explain further if anyone would like to know the true story.

    Brief history….1862 Emancipation Proclamation ends slavery though with some assistance and a clause implementing Martial Law as long as a war is declared every two years (war on drugs, poverty, what ever, there was no distinction it seems) though under present contract standards this is easily duress. In any case 14 years later the BAR comes in. Im not sure the origins though it stands for British Accredited Regency or it did, I think they changed Regency to Registry which is funny as thats where much of our tax dollars go by way of banking (the Fed) manipulation implemented by the brother of the head of Nazi intelligence Mr. Warburg who oddly enough some say started the war to diminish economies and increase metal and chemical markets of people who established the The Treaty of Versailles ending World War 1. So after the Fed (and HJR-192 June 6, 1933 defining the American citizens as chattel or slaves) despite following in the same inflationary direction Germany went through before a violent collapse with world wide implications combined with a glitch in human nature well outlined in The Stanford Experiment, we all got numbers and such though I assure you it is not the same folks or is it? Well our dollar, the USD, was in part stabilised via the Gentleman’s Agreement which allowed the US to appoint the director of the world bank and the European Union to appoint the managing director of the IMF (created to stop future world war). Do to violations of military which is owned like the pensions of all state, judicial, prisoner bonds and federal workers by interests outside of our boarders (via the DOT and controlling International Fund) and in violation of the foundations of this country they wish to further sequester, by way of acting as an international medium which it no longer is except for oil that is killing the Earth. Well the US Senate had an option to rescue Rule of Law though refused and this ended the USD as the world market currency violating and ending the Gentleman’s Agreement back in 2010. The only other strong hold to divert destabilisation from corrupt actions is War and I ask you what world you wish to live in and which world you wish to pass on to your child? If we can not take back the courts from the ones who run it with padded pensions to grease the wheels people will die. I don’t think its to much to ask to have a court fly the flag that represents the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We need to take back the white house it seems as well though the courts are a good starting point I believe.
    “We the people are the rightful master of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” – Abraham Lincoln

    I think education would be a first step. Sending out information to offices for a 2017 collaborative effort though have it as a anchor for their statements on different issues. I feel we would want them to agree via contract and the Truth In Lending Act that the Courts were established to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights so if they vote against the survival of this nation their pensions could be anchored back from defaults which is unfortunate though this is the system they may support and we have little time. We can still set an example and come out on top regardless of origins. We can hold them in default against their pensions as fiduciaries though if we wanted to keep it simple and limit friction we may want to skip this step if we can. Every state has ratified the UCC and parts such as 1-103.6 that states statutory jurisdiction must be construed in harmony with Common Law reserving rights and remedy there of. We could push for courts to file B10’s proof of claim, W10 proof of loss and 1099-OIDs as formal contract should be presented. There is so much to do especially with the DOT controlling the bonds of the prisoners and pensions of the state and federal workers. Ultimately we need to start producing exportable goods which education can be included in though currently the schools are controlled by the grant money. The FDA is payed by the pharmaceutical companies via the PDUFA of 1992. The system has been tied in knots since the HJR-192 where the citizens are referred to as chattel (slaves) and at a certain point we are going to trip. If we want the judges they need an easy hand held option though I think we need the police first. Children would be a great starting point to get the police. A support the Constitution politician sponsored challenge of some kind for school funding? If we could get the police to back the bill it would be smooth sailing I feel and limit future tensions that would be the tipping and final sinking point for the freedoms of this nation. I have sent this information to the police stations on their Facebook pages so we all know whats what. Some do know and do care. One was kind enough to go see and send a photo of the American Flag in their courts just days ago from Springfield Oregon and others, like the State Senate, I received no response from. It pains me to see prostitutes in positions that can not afford to be sold off though I see you all did not have the most normal of introductions to politics coupled with strange gravities I do say may have made me a different person as well. In any case if this county could say what the Constitution and Bill of Rights means to this nation I don’t see why each of you can’t. Another great motivator are the Veterans. I grew up around some corrupt heads of the military and am familiar with how they think though the veterans are the ones whose hearts were in the right places and why should their honour, based on intention and willingness to fight for the Constitutional foundations of this once great nation, be disrespected with an Admiralty Flag in the courts? At the same time the heads of the military fly one so the introduction I feel could use a bit of placement. The vets are vast and numerous and I imagine would be eager to express allegiance to the flag they bleed and watched others die for. Maybe a solidify freedom or better Honour The Veterans Bill though some thing like this is easy to not be heard with out people eager to hear what they know is right. I think it needs to be close to the Constitution and Bill of Rights though if it fails we need the veterans and police to know the situation so they do not turn against the foundations of this nation should the war not be avoided. There are other approaches. I will try to come up with a better game plan and approach though would love other insight from individuals perhaps more in tune with political trending and navigating a supportive foundational energy for a bill to bring about freedoms.

    There are many approaches that can be taken from multiple angles with a bit of organisation. If anyone would like to step up feel free and if not you have me to motivate you. A couple other major issues which may be best with a bit of social media coverage and perhaps on the same bill to take back American values, are education and standards of mostly everything though from the gravest of categories food safety is a huge concern. Did you know Coca-Cola feeds people ten times the amount of phosphoric acid needed to keep raw blended fish from rotting at room temperature and is used industrially to put microbes in a cyst or spore stage? While it does this it kills half the species it comes into contact with as a general rule. Inside us we know of at least 1000 species of microbes that we need to survive, known as the micro biome. It is responsible for though not limited to quality of live, health and disease suppression. Currently only 6% of our children have a microbe that we have lived with since the age of man and is only recently disappearing. Rates of autism and cancer are on the rise and with the current ignorance to mycobacteria causing cancer and how it is easily cured with simple diet and pH alterations it makes one wonder, are the people in charge blind or just kept otherwise stressed and busy while the nation dies? In Oregon the state University receives about 80 million dollars from Monsanto alone. Yes one of the most organic states is easily controlled by a chemical company who is destroying farming and future food production which will not grow with out chemical triggers that kill the microbes which give us nutrition. Dead Zones is a good thing to research if you have not seen your bays filled with dead fish come spring time planting.

    If we want to save this country not only do we need these things though we need the Senate to implement Rule of Law and put restrictions of Martial Law in times of war. We need support for this and your corporation not corruption. Your children’s future and their children’s future is at stake. When a crew tries to climb to higher ground on a sinking ship and fails to maintain their duties such as keep the ship from sinking there are few outcomes that can take place.

  3. City police came and shined lights through my windows the night before the presidential election, moving the lights back and forth from window to window. I had anti-Trump signs in the front yard. When they saw me looking at them through the window, they shined their lights directly in my face for a couple minutes while I stared back, then sped off.


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