Finally, a belt that does more than just be strapped around your waist

During the CES 2016 trade show, several companies starting shifting the throttle towards wearables, which eventually branched out to more than just smartwatches and wearables. With IoT, or Internet of Things expected to become a boom in the future of tech, Samsung showcased its smart belt, which has an uncharacteristic name to it. The smart belt is called WELT, and according to the company, it is described as a smart wearable health belt.

It might appear to be a regular belt that goes around your waist, but it is far more than that. According to Samsung, WELT stands for wellness belt, and is loaded with sensors that are easily able to sync with your smartphone. So what exactly is the purpose of having so many sensors present in a wearable like a belt? It becomes your fitness companion, and what better way to have a fitness companion than to have one strapped around your waist. When the smart belt is paired with your smartphone, it will be able to tell you intricate details ranging from the number of hours that you spent sitting down, or how many steps you managed to take throughout the entire day.

Additionally, there is also a dedicated application that receives continuous analysis about you. For example, it is able to tell important details such as the amount of things you have eaten throughout your time span of 24 hours, as well if you have gone above the threshold of your regular calorie intake. It will also tell you the upper and lower limits of your waistline, in order to give you more encouragement to start exercising.

The WELT was constructed by Samsung’s Creative Lab, which is more of an experimental department within Samsung, much like Google X. Despite the fact that the smart belt in currently in prototype phase, we expect that the product will be arriving at retail shelves later in the year. There is also a video posted of the device performing so make sure that you check that out and tell us what you thought.