This Chrome extension will help you find the hidden Netflix categories easily

We had reported earlier that Netflix users could find new hidden movie and show genres with a nifty little hack. That hack which involved a little experimentation with the Netflix url opens up around 76,897 unique genres and unlock films you’ve never even heard of based on genre, director, or actor/actress.

It is a pretty cool feature but Netflix users had to use their imagination and also the genres would be difficult to remember. Now, you dont have to do all the hard work involved in that hack thanks to a new Chrome extension called Super Browse. Super Browse does all the hard work involved in the above hack and lets you search for those hidden categories much more easily.

Super Browse is also available as a Firefox add-on, adds a new link up at the top of the Netflix homepage to the left of the “Browse” menu. Hover over “Super Browse” and it brings up a searchable list of all of Netflix’s secret categories organized alphabetically. The Chrome and Firefox versions are identical, although the Firefox add-on is still in beta.

To get your hands on it, head on over to the Chrome Web Store or the Firefox add-on website for the install. Keep in mind that some categories might not host any content due to existing licensing agreements or geolocation.


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