Turn multiple smartphones into a single, powerful speaker system with this app

This app can turn multiple smartphones into a single, unified speaker system

There are many number of apps that are flooding the market with the promise to sync all your devices and provide you with a portable surround sound speaker system.

However, the issue in syncing arises when the devices that need to be synced are a combination of devices running on Android and iOS platform.

To eliminate this issue, Martin-Luc Archambault, an entrepreneur and panel member on Dragon’s Den (the Canadian version of Shark Tank) has created AmpMe, an app that allows multiple smartphones in the same area to sync up and create a unified sound. The result is a perfectly harmonious, exponentially more powerful speaker system made up completely of mobile devices.

AmpMe claims to be the only one that can work across both iOS and Android, which has grown to over 1 million downloads in three months from the time of launch. The goal of AmpMe is to turn smartphones into better speakers.

“The app is inherently viral because it’s useless unless your friends are using it, too,” said Archambault.

So, how did the idea of AmpMe come from? Speaking to Daily Dot, Archambault told that the idea came to him after he helped a friend move the music he wanted to listen but didn’t have a system set up to do it. He tried simple hacks to amplify the sound by using an empty cup, and even tried to manually get two devices to play a song at the same time. However, it didn’t work.

Finally, AmpMe was born after months of trial and error and “a lot of money”. The system built doesn’t require Wi-Fi or Bluetooth synchronization, but instead it transmits a high-frequency signal that is faint to human ears. The phones can hear it loud and clear, however, and use it to make sure that they are all playing the song in chorus.

Here’s how it works:

Once you have downloaded the app, you sign in as a host and give a code to your friends. They input the code in the app and music is automatically synced among devices, both smartphones and tablets, to offer louder sound anywhere.

When asked about the main features of the AmpMe app service, Archambault stated,

“We want to be a portable Sonos,” said Archambault.

AmpMe app service allows users to play downloaded music files as well as their favourite tracks from the premium stream services, SoundCloud and Songza.

Currently, the company says that it is working to extend the functionality of the music sync app to support other top online music players like Spotify and Apple Music.

If you have been long looking for a solution to jump over the problem of jingled up devices, then get the AmpMe app today for your iPhone or Android smartphone.

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