ASUS unveils what seems to be the world’s most unattractive gaming keyboard

ASUS, you should have at least hired a design for this product

ASUS happens to be brand name that has gained quite a wide popularity, particularly in the aesthetics department. However, when designing its latest mechanical keyboard, it looks like the company might not have dedicated a design for its latest product, because the keyboard is far from being the most attractive one out there.

At least the perk of owning a mechanical gaming keyboard is that it possesses a much longer life span compared to a regular keyboard that features membrane keys. ASUS has named the keyboard Horus GK2000 and while it might not have that attractive look to it, it does boast an aggressive design and has been forged with 3mm aluminium sheets. GK2000 also sports a topcoat finish and an anodized keyboard plate with a brushed finish. As a result, ASUS has made its latest gaming peripheral corrosion resistant, so if you happen to be frequently spilling coke on any other drink on it, then apart from cleaning up the mess, you will not have to worry about anything else.

Technology and software can both be found in this mechanical keyboard thanks to an embedded 32-bit MCU (microcontroller unit) and 4MB of onboard memory. The extra memory will be used to process and store macro functions, built-in LED lighting, and profile settings. According to ASUS, there can be a total of 80 possible macro functions and 10 user profiles. As for the keys themselves, Cherry MX Red happen to be incorporated on the gaming peripheral and have a lifespan of up to 50 million keystrokes. Since these keys are backlight, there are five different lighting features that you can adjust according to your liking. Now, when purchasing a mechanical keyboard, you will not have to worry about N-key rollover, which is basically the number of keys that can you can press before they stop registering.

There is also a palm rest given so you can rest your arms while engaging in multiple activities. Pricing details have not yet been detailed, but looking at these features, we should be prepared for a price going upwards of $100.

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