Build your own Phone Spam Destroyer to keep unnecessary callers at bay

This DIY video will teach you to make your own Phone Spam Destroyer to get rid of unwanted calls and callers

Nowadays everyone has a mobile while some have more than one. If you own a mobile you will be aware of the spam callers like banks, insurance agents, car salesmen, marketing departments and so on. These spam callers call on your mobile day in and day out, sometimes at ungodly hours.

While if you are using a smartphone, installing and using Truecaller is great as it can identify spammers and block them out too. What if you are using a simple feature phone which does not have options to install such apps? Worse still if you dont like having Truecaller installed on your smartphone.

Well, Kipkay has made a DIY video of how to make a spam call destroyer. The destroyer takes some time and resource in making and will cost you around $10. Watch the video for more information.

The Phone Call Destroyer will make sure that the spammer who makes such calls will never call you back.


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