France joins India in fight over Net Neutrality, tells Zuckerberg’s Free Basics to bugger off

France Warns Facebook To NOT Collect Non-User Data

After India’s premier Internet watchdog, TRAI skittled Mark Zuckerberg’s mega plans for providing alternate Internet through his Free Basics, France is the latest country to tell Zuckerberg to bugger off.

France’s Internet watchdog, CNIL has given Facebook a three month notice to stop collecting the non-user data, as it has now come to light that the company has been collecting the data of the users who are not a part of the social network when they visit a Facebook web page.

An order (PDF) issued by CNIL says that Facebook has no legal right to collect user data under current French laws and therefore it is to desist from collecting such data.

CNIL is was particularly strict of Facebook’s policy of collecting user data even after an user had logged out of Facebook using cookies and gave it an ultimatum to stop implementing such cookies in future.

India’s TRAI yesterday in a momentuous decision banned discriminatory tariffs for data services based on content under which Facebook’s Free Basic and Airtel’s Zero operated. Other countries are though to follow TRAI’s suit and ban such differential Internet and implement net neutrality.

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