Shocking: 57% of people would rather have the new Galaxy S7 than a girlfriend or boyfriend!

According to the latest survey by trade-in price comparison website CompareMyMobile, the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are hot ticket items for people who are single.

The survey revealed that 57 percent, which is over half of the participants, would prefer Samsung’s new Galaxy S-branded device in their hands over a loving and understanding partner. Interestingly enough, the survey also showed that 73% of the participants wanted the Galaxy S7 as opposed to a free lifetime Netflix account, while another 65% wanted this over a new puppy, and 22% of the participants were willing to ditch their current phone for the new Galaxy S7 instantly. Apparently, 24% of people said they would be happier with the S7 than with getting a new car

Well, it seems seriously crazy, as the priorities of these people are definitely different from yours and mine. They really do love this phone. It really makes you wonder what goes through people’s heads.

The hysterical statistics were revealed in a survey of 1027 people carried out across the United Kingdom. CompareMyMobile’s director, Mr. Ashley Turner, said: “We knew the S7 was going to be a big deal, but the fact so many people would chose the handset over a partner is shockingly funny! We often see a surge in people trading in their old phones in the lead up to flagship device launches, but we didn’t realise so many people could be trading in their partners!”

While the results of the survey may be hilarious, it must have definitely made Samsung happy, as they hoping to hit it big with the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 devices.


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