You can control Bluetooth Devices from far away through Internet in near future

We often face a problem with Bluetooth devices which are not able to connect to Internet. As such we are not able to control such devices especially when we are physically far away from such devices.  A lot of devices especially old feature phones and budget smartphones, rely solely on Bluetooth for connectivity, but they always require another device to provide them with a link to the internet. Which means you need to be physically present near the smartphone or feature phone.

Not any more, the nifty Bluetooth will soon be able to connect to an internet gateway without requiring a phone, tablet or another in-between gadget. This was announced today by the Bluetooth overseeing group, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. It said that all future versions of its connection will “ allow any Bluetooth sensor to relay data to the cloud and back again.”

This facility will also give users “the ability to monitor and control fixed Bluetooth sensors from a remote location, like turning off your lights while on vacation or unlocking your front door for a pet sitter.”

How can you control Bluetooth devices from far?

This is how it will work. The new devices having this feature will add a layer of connectivity to your home wifi network that allows other devices to communicate with Bluetooth hardware, without you or your presence in the vicinity of the device.

The implications of the update are enormous has you will now be able to control gadgets such as routers, thermostats, or security systems through your Bluetooth from far away without having a middleman.your home. You’ll then be able to control the Bluetooth devices using these middle-men.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group stated that development kit’s have already been made available for manufacturers for implementing this feature. But it may take a while the feature enabled devices to percolate down to you.


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