Google is building a huge secret Radio Transmitter in the Desert

Google is building a secret transmitter at Spaceport America and no one knows why

We had earlier reported that Google is testing its 5G drones at its Spaceport America facility in the remote sands of New Mexico. However it seems Google is doing much more than that.

According to an FCC document unearthed by Brian Benchoff at Hackaday, the internet giant applied for an experimental radio license to be built in the New Mexico desert.

Google has asked FCC to treat some information relating to radio experiments as confidential however Hackaday was able to decipher some of the things in the report.

These experiments involve highly directional and therefore high power transmissions at 2.5 GHz, 5.8GHz, 24GHz, 71-76GHz, and 81-86GHz. These experiments will take place at Spaceport America, a 12,000 foot runway in the middle of New Mexico occasionally used by SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and now Google.

As Benchoff points out, there’s a¬†transmitter in the 70-80 GHz band which isnt regulated by FCC, and is normally used for high-bandwidth communications. This band is also used for high-bandwidth wireless routers.

However, Google’s secret project has much more than what meets the eye. A normal AM radio station needs 50 KW of power in watts, and can reach a estimate 38 states. Google’s secret transmitter is powered at massive 96.4 kilowatt transmitter indicating it is for some specialised purpose.

The transmitter may be tied to the Google Loon project which we reported last month. But, knowing Google’s panache for secretive projects, it can also be a alien listening outpost.

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  1. AM radio is on medium wave, 550-1700kHz. Medium wave signals propagate by ground wave in the daytime, essentially 100 mile radius or so. The behaviour of medium wave signals is not comparable to those in the high microwave region, which tend to act much more like light- line of sight, blockable by water vapour, tree leaves, etc. Day or night, a 70GHz signal of any power level would be limited to coverage only to the horizon.


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