Check out what happens when you attach a chainsaw to a drone (Video)

A couple of Finnish farmers went and strapped a chainsaw to a drone, and displayed just how scary the robot apocalypse could be.

Bringing a new meaning to the term ‘chopper’, the three friends use their flying chainsaw – nicknamed the killer drone – to hack at trees, icicles and snowmen.

Produced by Finnish independent filmmakers Misty Friday Films, the chainsaw-wielding drone is the star of “KILLERDRONE! Flying chainsaw,” a short, less than three-minute clip on YouTube.

Here, watch it destroy another snowman.

While it is definitely scary thing to watch, this video does show some really practical uses for such a machine. For power companies who are trying to clear lines, or similar functions, could use this as a really useful tool to take down branches from tall trees.

Fortunately, the video also discloses the secret weapon guaranteed to work against a chainsaw drone every time: balloons. So, it looks like all we need to protect ourselves are balloons and lots of them.


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